Pete Sampras Labels Roger Federer as a ‘Complete Player’

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Sunday, March 29th, 2015 | 1

Sampras (R) is all praises for his former on-court rival Federer


Roger Federer has glued numerous accolades in the past; and rightly so for his achievements on the court have been unprecedented. That said, former top-ranked tennis player, Pete Sampras, insists that the Swiss is a “complete player” and that he’s the “greatest” going by the numbers.

“I think he was the most complete player we’ve seen,” Sampras was quoted as saying by World Tennis Magazine. “He’s won on all surfaces. He’s tough. He moves well. He’s got a big game. He’s got a huge forehand. He just has the whole package.”

Another thing that pleases Sampras is that Federer has copious records under his belt, including a whopping 17 Grand Slam crowns.

“I think he dominated the game a lot more than I ever did,” continued the 14-time Grand Slam champion. “You look at the numbers of what he’s been able to do; you have to say he’s the greatest we’ve seen. The statistics of doing all-around court play, he can do a lot of different things.

“He can come in, can stay back, and he can do everything. He would be a tough match-up to beat. He’s a great competitive. He’s been ambassador to the sport. He’s done it the right way.”



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  • Phil Coates

    I have been a Pete Sampras fan and admirer for decades but he has got in wrong in claiming Federer to be the all time greatest. Statistics such as titles can only be used to extrapolate a comparison between players. Rod Laver’s performance cannot be compared to Federer because he played in a completely different structure and era. Pancho Gonzales was another superb player whose career never mapped against the modern era and did not give him the opportunity to rack up numbers the way the modern players do. The only true way to make a definitive comparison between two players is their record against each other. For that reason Rafa Nadal will always be seen as a superior player to Roger Federer because Nadal has such a massive margin of victories against the Swiss maestro in overall head-to-head matches and in Grand Slams during their careers. Nadal has won 23 of their 33 matches, leads Federer on hard courts and clay and trails him by 1-2 on grass, both of Federer’s grass wins coming when Nadal was still a young man of just 20 and 21 years.

    The other important fact is that Federer’s early years in tennis were played against much inferior competition that tennis had in the years when Nadal and Djokovic were competing along with Federer.
    Among Federer’s early Slam title opponents were Philippousis, Gonzalez, Baghdatis, Roddick (3). After Nadal and Djokovic turned 21 Federer has won only five titles compared to eleven by Nadaal and eight by Djokovic.

    Sampras got it wrong.

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