Ostapenko made history by winning thriller

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, June 12th, 2017 | 0

Yelena Ostapenko has set a new history after becoming the first player to win a Grand Slam final as the country’s first player. The Latvia player has been champion in the French Open for the first time in the open era of tennis.

In the women’s final on Saturday, Simona Halepe rose to the top of the rankings. After winning the first set, he went on to move ahead and in the second set by 3-0 also . But then, Ostapenko turn around wildly in. Ultimately, the 20-year-old Ostapenko lifted the title after winning 4-6, 6-4, 6-3.

Ostapenko, the country’s first Grand Slam champion, won the French Open title as the first non-frozen player since 1933.

Ostapenko , who came here from the 47th place in the ranking, has never won any tour title. And before playing in seven Grand Slams, his best success was to rise in the third round of the Australian Open in January.
Rolando Gonro did not win the title but twice in the final for Halepe did not win the title. Earlier, Romania’s player, who lost to Maria Sharapova in the 2014  final.

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