Novak Djokovic Vs Andreas Haider-Maurer (US Open) – Match Preview

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Novak Djokovic Vs Andreas Haider-Maurer Match Preview (US Open ATP – 2015)

Andreas Haider-Maurer is the 28 year of old Austrian will play his 2nd round match against the ATP world no one Serbian Novak Djokovic. Andreas Haider-Maurer is currently 52nd on current ranking. That will be them 2nd head to head as well and first on the major tournament.

Novak Djokovic Vs Andreas Haider-Maurer

At US Open ATP – 2015 (Grand Slam) on Wednesday, 2nd September Novak Djokovicand Andreas Haider-Maurer match will be on Round of 64 or Round 2. This is their 2nd head to head match and will on court at

Match Overview:

Match Day       : Wednesday, 2nd September

Match              : Novak Djokovic Vs Andreas Haider-Maurer

Round              : Round of 64 or Round 2

Tour                 : US Open ATP – 2015 (Grand Slam)

Court type        : Hard

On Court          : 1:10 GMT (3rd Sep) and 8:10PM ET (2nd Sep)

Match Preview:

12 title holder on Major tournament Novak Djokovic have his only US Open title on 2011. They year he was played all of the final matches of first 2 major. And won 2 grand slam. Lost on the France Open Finals.

Djokovice was won his first title on Australian Open on 2008 as he was played his first major tournament on 2005 at Australian Open. After that he have all of 34 grand slam appearances. And played 17 finals, 10 semifinals and 6 quarterfinals.

Djokovice have so far 9 grand slam title, most 5 title comes on Australian Open 3 on Wimbledon and on from US Open. So far he have no title on France Open as he have 3 finals on that tournament. After the lost on 3rd round on 2009 France Open, Djokovice never lost a games before quarter finals. Djokovic’s first finals was on US Open as well.

28 years of age Andreas Haider-Maurer have so far 41 career victory and 52 career defeats. Currently 52nd on the ranking and his best was at 47th on this year April.

He have so far 14 Garandslam and this US Open will he his 15th major tournament.Only have 6 victory on his 14 grand slam appearances. Best to play at second round on several time on grand slam.

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