Novak Djokovic has given up on meat due to ‘ethical and health’ reasons

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 | 0

It’s not unknown that Novak Djokovic follows a strict diet that is considered to be one of the prime reasons behind his success on court.

The Serbian tennis star — a 12-time Grand Slam champion — has said in the past that he is a vegan with a ‘little bit of fish here and there’.

Reiterating his healthy routine, Djokovic, who is currently in Paris for the prestigious French Open, said that he hasn’t dined on meat since 2015.

“I have not eaten meat since August/ September 2015, for ethical and health,” said the 30-year-old ahead of his quarter-final tie against Austria’s Dominic Thiem.

And, he doesn’t intend to resume eating meet again anytime soon. “Like fish and eggs. At this moment I do not want to eat meat again,” Djokovic added.




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