Nadal angry at the umpire’s behavior : ‘I’m not a machine’

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 | 0

Rafael Nadal took a little longer before serving. This is his traditional practice. Before that, he had never been warned or not, but at the  roland garros was warned in several time. And it’s make Nadal, who played in the French Open, has won nine titles very angry.

Players are seen as instruments, the Spanish stars complaining against the umpires, ‘If you want to play well, then the players have to give a little time to get them to breath. We are not machines. And that’s my point. What more can I say more than that. It is a sad story that I am saying. Because I do not want to create any problem. ‘

Nadal was warned once in the first set of play in the fourth round against opponent Roberto Bautista Aguet. It has been done in the third set earlier. Nadal was stripped of a service as a punishment before warning the second round. According to tennis rules, players can take maximum 25 seconds between two match points. But Nadal has taken much time, this is the penalty for Nadal, the umpire Carlos Ramos. But Nadal says, circumstances need to be seen in the umpires. Nadal says, ‘Theoretically the umpires are here for match analysis, not to use stopwatch in the match. The use of stopwatch should be done by the players. ‘

But not all umpires, Nadal angry umpire Carlos Ramos said, “Some umpires give them instructions as well. The rest of them are different. ‘

The fourth-seeded Nadal will play against the country’s Pablo Carno Busta in the quarter-finals.

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