Most Grand Slams Winners

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Most Grand Slams Winner

17 Grand Slam titles for Roger Federer. Rafael Nadal’s have 14. Which things Federer, Nadal could not do in their 31 grand slam title Djokovic showed that after – Win French Open after the Australian Open!

It is a very significant achievement in tennis record books. But Serbian tennis star is in front of a great achievement. Which was not achieved by any other in near past five decades. None of player have been unable to win Colander slam in tennis in this time period. Latest celebrity set to win the Australian Rod Laver in 1969. Now Djokovic thrilled the possibility of being touched by the achievement at 47 years later, “This is a big challenge as well as a tennis player. I am very proud. I’m very excited. ”

Just what the calendar slam? And there is an even greater achievement in front of Djokovic. And the ‘Golden Slam’ or four grand slam with an Olympic gold. There is no one in the history of tennis achieved golden slam except -Steffi Graf. In 1988, the great German won four Grand Slam, as well as won Olympic gold in Seoul. Djokovic thinking about to touch the Steffi’s record, “I take the ‘bold words like arrogance, did not like it. But I believe everything in life can be achieved. ”

Is possible? This time, his main rival those tennis, Nadal one of them, contesting with injuries. He does not have the same form as before. Roger Federer withdrew himself from the French Open with a back injury, and stand empty Grand Slam trophy for four years. And Murray? The Grand Slam final winning streak against British rivals’ records (5-2) put forward Djokovic a lot of by psychologically. He beyond tennis ‘Big Four’ at the encounter statistics. 23-22, 26-23 and 24-10 these are Federer, Nadal and Murray win-loss statistics against him.

When Djokovic, and Murray’s debt in tennis, when Federer-Nadal were monopoly. As they arrived at the beginning of tennis, I could not be happier. Fortunately for me, I went to accept the reality and understood, I have to fight with these two tennis-legend to be more powerful. From then on, everything went better. ”

. Earlier, 11-year-Grand Slam played on clay Court. Finals played three times. Djokovic did not hold back repeatedly but failed to win. And eventually successful attempts at 12th time. He is the eighth player in history won career slam.

Now the eyes takes away more and more. That should be it!

Most Grand Slam

17 – Roger Federer


14 – Rafael Nadal


14 – Pete Sampras

United States

12 – Novak Djokovic


12 – Roy Emerson


11 – Bion Bourg


11 – Rod Laver


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