‘Joker’ does not smile on the face

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 | 0

It seems to crash all record. He was running at the speed of the rocket train. Novak Djokovic reached the final of the 2015 Australian Open with each of six Grand Slam finals till in the 2016 French Open. 5 out of this has won. But the woes which started of Wimbledon 2016,  did not end in Wimbledon this year. Now the big bad news is heard You can not possibly play in the US Open. Because of the elbow injury, he have to be out of two months.

Being out of two months means ‘Joker’ will return to the end of September. The US Open will begin on 28th August. The end will be 10 September. 12 grand slam winners of the Serbian star, There is no way open for this tournament to be seen by the visitors,

Quoting journalist Jenko Milinkovich of Serbia’s Davis Cup team, Spartsky Jurunnic wrote in the journal, “A bone has been severely damaged due to excessive play. Novark is now in Toronto, where experts will conduct more tests.

Due to injury, the Wimbledon quarters ended the quartet without end. After losing 7-6 in the first set, he was back in the second set 2-0. The 30-year-old has taken the quartet of the last five Grand Slam 4 or the quadrangle before. It is now understood how much the type of game has played on the body.

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