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Who is the best tennis player of all time, the debate has stopped. Now Roger Federer goes down to the court; To make the page more accurate in the record books page, its name is. To do so, Roger Federer is now the record holder.

Old age

Federer won the Wimbledon at the age of 35 years 342 days, most in the open era. Arthur Ashche has left behind. In 1975, Wimbledon was won by Asha at the age of 31.

Most Grand Slam Trophy in Men’s Division
Number of The grand Final Played.
The grand slam quarter-final played.
The Grand Slam is the most consecutive semi-final.
The highest attendance in the Grand Slam Federer’s. He has a partner is on the record for the time being.
The most win in the Grand Slam match.
Wins the highest set win. From the 2006 US Open to the 2007 French Open.
The most number of week at number one.
Wimbledon most titles
most semifinal in Grand Slam
At least one title in consecutive 15 years at an ATP. That is not the work of any other.
Most consecutive Grand Finals Final (2005-07)
The highest number of quarter-finals in the Grand Slam tournament.
The highest consecutive number of grand slam games
The most final game in a grand slam (Wimbledon).
At the top of the ATP rankings, the highest number of weeks.
Four out of four
The only male player to appear in the four Grand Slam finals of three years

The biggest win in the tiebreaker

Federer has more than six champions in six different tournaments as the only player. Federer won 6 World Tour finals, 7 Cincinnati Masters, 7 Dubai Tennis Championships, 7 Swiss Indoros, 8 Wimbledon and 9 Hall Open.
Pete Suchess’s record was broken by Federer’s win over Grand Slam. Federer won the 15th title in 2009, behind Samrassa. Later, Rafael Nadal surpassed Samhasake.

Other records
The World Tour Finals (6)
Most matches in the Master’s Tournament (321)
Between 2003 and 2005, Federer won 26 of his matches against the opponent in the top ten.
Grass court (17) and hard court (63) most titles

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