Gael Monfils Vs Roger Federer (Tennis): Live stream, Time, Date, Head to head, Statistics, Records, News update, Watch online

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, May 31st, 2015 | 0

Monfils G VS Federer R. – Preview

Gael Monfils Vs Roger Federer

Match Information –

Match of – Gael Monfils Vs Roger Federer (Tennis live stream online on telecasting TV channel to free wath)

Type – Men’s French Open

Date – 31st May 2015

Venue – TBD

Place – France

Head to Head –

Matches Played – 12

Roger Federer – 8

Gael Monfils – 4

Tie/ Draw – 0

Personal Information –

Here is some personal information about both teams –

Roger Federer –

Country – Switzerland

Height – 185cm

Stance – Right Handed (One handed back hand)

Prize Money – $90,231,144

Career titles – 85

Highest Ranking – 1

Current Ranking – 2

Career record –

  • Total matches – 1256
  • Wins – 1024
  • Loss – 232
  • Abandon – 0

Gael Monfils –

Country – France

Height – 193 cm

Stance – Right handed (two handed back hand)

Prize Money 0 $8,734,568

Titles – 5

Highest Ranking – 7

Current Ranking – 14

Record –

  • Total Matches – 523
  • Wins – 332
  • Losses – 191
  • Abandon – 0

Preview –

Gael Monfils is one of the best players of France and as the match is held is France, he is the home boy ion this match. He will play at courts he is familiar with and most of the supporters will be cheering him as well. He has a good record as a pro and he looking good on the court as well. However, he will still be playing this match as the underdog. But, he has defeated Federer before and he can do it again. On his day he is one hell of a player. He should play his best and positively to have a positive impact on this match.

Roger Federer is undoubtedly the greatest player of this era. No other player of recent time has even gone close to him so far and he is still in his mid-age. Federer is playing well and he is favorite against anyone he plays. His reputation far outmatches any other player of the world. He will be looking for a dominant win in this match but the win may not come so easily.

Prediction –

We predict that roger Federer will win this match but the match will be close.

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