Fernando Verdasco breaks silence on Nick Kyrgios’ claim he’s most arrogant tennis player

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Friday, May 17th, 2019 | 0

Fernando Verdasco has spoken out on Nick Kyrgios’ statement that he’s the most arrogant tennis player.

During a recent interview with journalist Ben Rothenberg, Kyrgios went on a rant about Verdasco, saying he doesn’t even bother to say a ‘hello’ while crossing paths with fellow players.

“Verdasco drives me nuts, man. That guy… I don’t even want to talk about it,” the controversial Australian had said.

“It gets me so vexed, I’m like angry now that I just hear that name. He’s the most arrogant person ever.

“He doesn’t say hello, he thinks he’s so good, he thinks he’s God’s gift. Dude, your backhand’s pretty average and let’s be honest, you hit a ball over a net. Guy’s like that, they drive me insane.”

“It’s just like, ‘I’m here, I’m so cool, I’m unbelievable because I hit a ball over the net. Do this for me, do this for me, I won’t say hello to you, I’m too important’. Guys like that. See how angry I’m getting? It kills me. He just rubs me the wrong way.”

Verdasco, who is scheduled to lock horns with Rafael Nadal in the quarter-finals of the Italian Open, gave it back in a subtle way.

“I don’t want to get into your game. I’d rather not say anything. I believe after 15 or 16 years in the circuit, everyone knows my game,” Verdasco was quoted as saying bolamarela.pt.

“I don’t have to analyze my left, my right or my service. I think everyone knows how to play tennis, but as I said I have nothing to say about his words,” he added.

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