Fabio Fognini gives honest opinion on John McEnroe comparisons

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Sunday, December 23rd, 2018 | 0

If there’s one thing common between John McEnroe and Fabio Fognini, it’s perhaps their on-court behaviour.

While McEnroe, a former world No. 1, embroiled himself in on-court controversies with his volatile behaviour more often than not, Fognini is perhaps the one from the current crop to have carried the baton forward.

However, that’s perhaps the only similarity between the two, in the honest opinion of Fognini himself.

“McEnroe was a little crazy like me. Crazy, but he was number one in the world,” said the Italian, who is currently ranked at career-best position of No. 13 in the world rankings.

“I was very small when he played and I watched him play a few times. I agreed with him, when we met, we talked. The difference between us is that he won a lot and I did not,” Fognini admitted.

Fognini is scheduled to participate at the ASB Classic in Auckland, beginning January 7, in the run-up to the Australian Open.

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