Rafael Nadal can win Roland Garros next year: Uncle Toni

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Friday, October 14th, 2016 | 0

Rafael Nadal is completely out of sorts. He has lost three of his last five matches, with the most recent defeat being an opening-round exit from the Shanghai Masters.

Yet, his coach-cum-uncle, Toni, insists that the Spaniard could regain his form in the upcoming season.

And as Nadal suggests that he might skip the rest of the season to get back in shape for 2017, Uncle Toni insists that their main goal would be to win a record 10th Roland Garros title.

“Sometimes keeping [on] competing is not the solution. Sometimes the solution is to practice, stop and have a process of training. And maybe that’s an opportunity to do it,” he said after bowing of Shanghai.

Uncle Toni couldn’t agree more. “At this point he is inclined to stop to prepare as best as he can for 2017,” he said (via bolamarela.pt).

He added: “Rafa is not prepared to stop being competitive and [we] believe that much can come back to win Roland Garros. This is the main goal.”

Should Nadal choose to continue playing this year, he is expected to take part in Basel (October 24-30) before moving on to feature in the Paris Masters (Oct. 31-Nov. 6).


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