Top 10 Highest Paid sports commentators

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, May 30th, 2015 | 0

Commentators are invaluable part of games. They bring the game to our ears and make the game more interesting. However, there are some commentators that can make a game sensational. Those sensational commentators are paid quite a huge amount of money per year to make sure more people come for the game.

All the sports now-a-days are in need of a good commentator. Specially games like Basketball, baseball, WWE, football, Cricket, Tennis and golf are in need of good commentators.

Here is our list of the 10 most famous commentators who make the game more and more interesting by just describing the game or analyzing it. They are paid quite handsomely for their effort in their respective field.

Jim Rome

  1. Jim Rome –

Yearly Pay – $30 million

Channels – CBS Sports Network, ESPN, FOX Sports

He is mostly known for his radio show that is on air for quite a long time. Other than that he has his own show in different TV Channels.

  1. Thierry Henry –

Yearly Income – $6 million

Workplace – SkySports, BBC, FIFA World Cup, Euro Cups

He was once a great footballer and now he is just a great commentator. He is on a contract with Sky Sports at the moment and he is being paid quite handsomely for that.

  1. Bob Costas –

Yearly Income – $5.5 million

Workplace – HBO, Fox Sports, NBC Sports Network

He is currently working with NBC but he is been in this for quite a while and he is one of the best commentators of the world.

  1. Dan Patrick –

Yearly Income – $5 million

Workplace – ESPN, NBC

He worked with ESPN for a long time and this sports analyst just can’t get enough of sports. He is now at NBC and also have his own radio show.

  1. Jim Nantz –

Yearly Income – $5 million

Workplace – NFL, NCAA, CBC network

This man is sports fanatic. He is working with CBS Networks at the moment and he works for major events like Golf Masters.

  1. Joe Buck –

Yearly Income – $5 million

Workplace – Fox Network

Currently he is working as baseball commentator and he is undoubtedly one of the best at his job.

  1. Al Michaels –

Yearly Income – $5 million

Workplace – NFL, NBC

NBC is paying quite a lot of money for a commentator who worked in Olympique’s and other major events

  1. Chris Berman –

Yearly Income – $3 million

Workplace – NFL

He has worked as a host and as a sportsCenter Anchor. He is passionate football fan and one of the best at his job.

  1. Mike Tirico –

Yearly Income – $3 million

Workplace – ESPN, ABC, NFL

He was one of the commentators of Brazil World Cup and he also worked for almost all the grand events when it comes to football.

  1. Gary Neville –

Yearly Income – $2.5 million

Workplace – SkySports

He is a football analyst and commentator. He is part of Sky Sports network for quite a long time and he gets quite a good pay for his work.

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