Artur Szpilka Vs Manuel Quezada (Boxing): Head to head, Prediction, Statistics, Records, Information

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 | 0

Artur Szpilka Vs Manuel Quezada – preview


Match Information – Artur Szpilka Vs Manuel Quezada

Match of – Artur Szpilka Vs Manuel Quezada

Time – TBD

Type – Heavyweight

Round – 10 rounds

Venue – UIC Pavilion

Place – Chicago, Illinois

Live Broadcaster –

NVC will be showing this match live throughout the world. This match will also be available at the internet and thus anyone with a valid internet connection can watch this match from there.

Personal Information –

Here is all the useful information about both players –

Manuel Quezada –

Height – 189 cm

Reach – 193 cm

Nick name – El Toro

Stance – Orthodox

Record –

  • Bouts – 34
  • Wins – 29
  • KO – 18
  • Losses – 5
  • Draw – 0

Artur Szpilka –

Height – 191 cm

Country – Poland

Alias – Szpila/ The Pin

Stance – Southpaw

Record –

  • Fights – 19
  • Won – 18
  • KO – 13
  • Loss – 1
  • Draw – 0

Preview –

Two very hard hitters will be taking on each other to find out who is the best among them. First Szpilka and man he is a tough dog. 13 KO out of 18 wins so far literary tells what kind of beast he really is. He knows how to hit and he hits hard. At least hard enough to knock anyone breathless. However that will not change the fact that, he will be fighting here as the underdog.

Quezada on the other hand is our favorite for this match. If you were thinking only Szpilka can hit hard then you would have to think again. Our favorite is no easy slouch either. He may lack defense as he suffered 5 loses so far in his career but that doesn’t change the fact that he hits like a monster and a very strong monster. 18KO by his name is equal to the number of matches his opponent so far. What sets him apart is his experience and that may prove fatal in this match.

Prediction –

We predict that Manuel Quezada will win this match but the match will be very close and anything may happen.

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