Real Madrid Fixtures 2013-14 Season (La Liga Champions League)

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Real madrid Champions Cup 2013 Schedule dates


Real Madrid will be visiting the United States again this year for the upcoming Pre season tour which will start in Europe with the matches against Galatasaray and PSG than Real madrid will move to their US base in University of California where they will be taking part in the lucrative Champions Cup where they come up against the likes if Inter Milan, Juventus, LA Galaxy are confirmed while 4 other teams will join them in the Cup which will start from 27th July 2013 and will be played through 7th August 2013.

Here are the list of Matches Real madrid will be playing in the pre season, please bookmark this page and come back here for more information at the end of the season for the detailed review of Pre season tour with teams and venues of the matches.


20 July 2013 – Real madrid vs Bournemouth
Goldsand Stadium, Bournemouth

24 July 2013 – Real Madrid vs Lyon

27 July 2013 – Real Madrid vs PSG
Gothenburg, Sweden


Guinness International Champions Cup 2013 IN USA:

There will be eight teams in this comeptition, with Inter Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid and La Galaxy already confirmed, there will be 4 other teams which are expected to be from England, Italy and Germany.
here is the list of Real madrid Matches.

01 August 2013 – Real Madrid vs LA Galaxy – Confirmed
Phoenix Arizona

04 August 2013 – Real Madrid vs Winner of Everton/Juventus
La Galaxy, California

07 August 2013 – Real Madrid vs Chelsea
Miami, Usa

10 August 2013 – Real Madrid vs Inter Milan
Saint Lois


Full list of International Champions Cup USA Matches Schedule will be available on 29th May. so please check back later.

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  • harol lopez

    what team is TBA

    • Yesi

      To be announced

  • Admin

    TBA means this fixture will be rely on first two rounds results… its a semifinal

  • Jesus

    When an were will they play in Los angeles

  • marvin

    are they really gonna play in washington dc becuase on other websites it says there gonna play in miami on august 7 2013 can somebody please tell me if they are gonna play real madrid vs TBA august 7 in washington dc or miami ?

    • Cristiano Ronaldo

      Yes they re going to play in Washington DC on the 7th of August

      • Brayan

        What time does real madrid come to washington d.c

  • nori

    Hey guys I need to know where can I buy the tickets and if it’s for sure that they are gonna play in DC because I have seen other websites and they say they will on August 7, in Miami Gardens, so I am confused and I need to know for sure. Thanks.

  • Heather

    I’m in DC and would love to know as well!!

  • david

    when do they play in miami?

  • Info Man

    Real Madrid plays in Phoenix on Aug 1, Dodger Stadium in Los Angles on August 4th and in Miami on August 6th OR 7th. This is all part of the Guinness International Champions Cup.

    • Gerardo

      I Think That They Play On The 11 Of August in Miami ?

  • Soccer mom

    When does the fall/winter schedule come out for 2013-2014?

  • Amanda

    Don’t they play in St. Louis Missouri as well???

  • khaleedpepe

    I love real madrid for ever

  • racim

    lol i didn’t understand

  • Shabeer Mureed

    Only Real Madrid is the complete football team In the world.

    • Willi

      What Real Madrid have really achieve in the last five years to deserve a complete football club in the World as you put it .

  • Willi

    There will be no game near Cincinnati , OH

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