Scotland tour fixture (Rugby)

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2015’s Scotland tour will be in Ireland, Italy and France. First match will be at Saturday of 15th August vs. Ireland. Second at next week of 22nd vs. Italy in Torino and the last match of their current year tour will be vs. France.

Scotland tour fixture (Rugby)

So far Scotland played 88 match vs. France so far, 130 vs. Ireland, and 23 vs. France. The number of 130 is the second highest match vs. one opposition after England (133). But most wins comes vs. Ireland and its 66, lost 59 vs. Ireland. 15 match won vs. Italy so far and lost 8. In the last 34 matches won against France and lost 51.

  1. Scotland
  2. Ireland
  3. France
  4. Italy
Date Match Venue
Saturday15th August, 2015, Ireland vs. Scotland Lansdowne Road
August22nd Saturday 2015 Italy vs. Scotland Torino
5th September, 2015, Saterday France vs. Scotland Stade de France


Short introduce of participating team:


Ireland is the 3rd team in the ranking with 85 points. Played so far 646 games in their history since 1875. They have played most 130 match Scotland and 129 was their debut match opposition England. Most wins comes vs. Scotland. It is 59 and most 74 defeats vs. England, where thy won 47, match vs. England.


Scotland is the 4th on 1991 world cup, which is their best world cup performance so far out of their 7 participation. Played their first rugby match vs. England on 1871 and so far played 645 matches, totally got 271 victories and defeats in 342 games. And they are currently is the 11th team on the world rugby ranking.


France is the 3 times runner ups on the rugby world cup. They were played first world cup final on the first world cup 1987 and lost by New Zealand and second was at 1999, this time catch up by Australia and their last attempt on the world cup was at 2011. This time they have also defeats by New Zealand.


Italy is the 24th team currently in the ranking. Have also 7 world cup appearances. But won just 9 matches out of their 24 matches. Most 2 wins comes on last 3 world cup. Played 455 matches and won 175 games, lost 265, where 14 was drawn. Most match vs. France (66) but just won 4 matches and lost 61. Where their most wins comes vs. Spain (23) out of their 27 matches so far.

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