Rugby world cup 2015 Prize money

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Such as all other major tournament IRB does not announced winning prize money so far. But Each and every team board will always pay a fixed amount, which focused their performance on their field. It is different to give prize money from the won rugby union board and the amount is also different.

Rugby World cup 2015 England

Such as if England will won the rugby world cup this year, they have already announced that each and every played will paid $350,000, which is most than the other 5 top teams and as well as most than any other 20 participating teams. South Africa will pay $150,000 of their player will won the world cup and this is the lowest of top 5 teams.

Here the top 5 teams prize money if they can win the world cup:

  1. England –          $350,000 each
  2. Australia –          $250,000 for every player
  3. New Zealand –          $250,000 for every player
  4. Wales –          $150,000 for every player
  5. England –          $150,000 for every player

In the worlds other major tournament prize money is pride high than Rugby tournament. And each and every tournament board will decide the amount of prize money and they are also responsible of it. But rugby tournament board IRB is never responsible of its world cup winner, runner ups and participates prize money. Here take a look the amount of other major tournament’s prize money.

  1. Formula One :           $700 million
  2. FIFA World Cup 2014 :           $576 million
  3. UEFA Champions League :           $567 million
  4. UEFA Europa League             :           $223 million
  5. World Series of Poker             :           $62.8 million
  6. Wimbledon 2014 :           $38.1 million
  7. NBA :           $14 million
  8. 2014 Dota 2 International :           $10.9 million
  9. Cricket world cup 2015 :           $10.2 million
  10. PGA Tour 2014 :           $10 million
  11. NFL :           $6.5 million
  12. Rugby World Cup :           N/A
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