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Rugby Union started first world rugby tournament at 1987 and this year it will host their 8th contest. 20 teams will play at 2015 Rugby World Cup and hosted by England. It is look almost unchanged of last world cup team’s except Uruguay replaced Russia. Start form 18th September and the final match will play at 31st October.

All 20 teams of 2015 Rugby World Cup:

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D





South Africa




United States

New Zealand











In previous 7 world cup rugby world find 4 different champion, Australia, South African and New Zealand each won this title for 2 times. New Zealand was the champion of the very first world cup and last appearances at 2011. Either this only England won their title for one time, which was at 2003. Most 3 times final played by New Zealand, Australia, England and France, all was played 3 each time in the rugby world cup finals in this all 7 appearances.

List of the Champion on the past tournament:

Champion Team Year Runner-Ups
New Zealand 1987, 2011 1995
South Africa 1995, 2007
Australia 1991, 1999 2003
England 2003 1991, 2007


New Zealand:

The first world Champions was also the last world cup host and winner, who’s the 1st in the World Rugby Ranking as well this time, they have 93.70 points all over where South Africa is the next with 87.00 rating points. In the very first world cup also host by New Zealand and they have win the title after defeating France and in the second time they have also defeats the same opposition and winning thir 2nd and last world title.

South Africa:

Currently the second place of the ranking South Africa have so far 2 title as well. Their 2 championship comes at 1995 and 2007. In the third world cup of rugby history, in the final match they was defeats New Zealand and at 2007 the wins come against England, who’s the defending champion of the tournament that year.


5th in the world ranking at World Rugby, Australia in the 5th at the current moment. They have 84.18 points and behind of England’s 85.40 points. Australia’s first world title comes in the rugby at the second ever world cup at 1991, which hosted by England and the second title come at the 4th appearance which hosted by Wales. First time they was defeated host England and in the second time it was France.


England have won this world rugby world cup for only time, which was at 2003 after defeating Australia, which is the only defeats for Australia so far in the finals. England also played more 2 times in the finals of world cup, once deafest by Australia at 1991 and another vs. South Africa at 2007.

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