Rugby World Cup 2015 Fixtures Schedule List

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world cup 2015 fixtures

Full Rugby World Cup 2015 fixtures & schedules list…..

Fri 18 Sep

Pool A England v Fiji

(8pm, Twickenham)

Sat 19 Sep

Pool C Tonga v Georgia

(Noon, Kingsholm)

Pool D Ireland v Canada

(2.30pm, Millennium Stadium)

Pool B South Africa v Japan

(4.45pm, Brighton Community Stadium)

Pool D France v Italy

(8pm, Twickenham)

Sun 20 Sep

Pool B Samoa v USA

(Noon, Brighton Community Stadium)

Pool A Wales v Uruguay

(2.30pm, Millennium Stadium)

Pool C New Zealand v Argentina

(4.45pm, Wembley)

Wed 23 Sep

Pool B Scotland v Japan

(2.30pm, Kingsholm)

Pool A Australia v Fiji

(4.45pm, Millennium Stadium)

Pool D France v Romania

(8pm, Olympic Stadium)

Thu 24 Sep

Pool C New Zealand v Namibia

(8pm, Olympic Stadium)

Fri 25 Sep

Pool C Argentina v Georgia

(4.45pm, Kingsholm)

Sat 26 Sep

Pool D Italy v Canada

(2.30pm, Elland Road)

Pool B South Africa v Samoa

(4.45pm, Villa Park)

Pool A England v Wales

(8pm, Twickenham)

Sun 27 Sep

Pool A Australia v Uruguay

(Noon, Villa Park)

Pool B Scotland v USA

(2.30pm, Elland Park)

Pool D Ireland v Romania

(4.45pm, Wembley)

Tue 29 Sep

Pool C Tonga v Namibia

(4.45pm, Sandy Park)

Thu 1 Oct

Pool D France v Canada

(8pm, Stadiummk)

Pool A Wales v Fiji

(4.45pm, Millennium Stadium)

Fri 2 Oct

Pool C New Zealand v Georgia

(8pm, Millennium Stadium)

Sat 3 Oct

Pool B Samoa v Japan

(2.30pm, Stadiummk)

Pool B South Africa v Scotland

(4.45pm, St James’ Park)

Pool A England v Australia

(8pm, Twickenham)

Sun 4 Oct

Pool C Argentina v Tonga

(2.30pm, Leicester City Stadium)

Pool D Ireland v Italy

(4.45pm, Olympic Stadium)

Tue 6 Oct

Pool D Canada v Romania

(4.45pm, Leicester City Stadium)

Pool A Fiji v Russia/Uruguay

(8pm, Stadiummk)

Wed 7 Oct

Pool C Namibia v Georgia

(8pm, Sandy Park)

Pool B South Africa v USA

(4.45pm, Olympic Stadium)

Fri 9 Oct

Pool C New Zealand v Tonga

(8pm, St James’ Park)

Sat 10 Oct

Pool B Samoa v Scotland

(2.30pm, St James’ Park)

Pool A Australia v Wales

(4.45pm, Twickenham)

Pool A England v Uruguay

(8pm, Manchester City Stadium)

Sun 11 Oct

Pool D Italy v Romania

(2.30pm, Sandy Park)

Pool B USA v Japan

(8pm, Kingsholm)

Pool C Argentina v Namibia

(Noon, Leicester City Stadium)

Pool D France v Ireland

(4.45pm, Millennium Stadium)

Sat 17 Oct

QF1: Winner Pool B v Runner-up Pool A

(4pm, Twickenham)

QF2: Winner Pool C v Runner-up Pool D

(8pm, Millennium Stadium)

Sun 18 Oct

QF3: Winner Pool D v Runner-up Pool C

(1pm, Millennium Stadium)

QF4: Winner Pool A v Runner-up Pool B

(4pm, Twickenham)

Sat 24 Oct

SF1: Winner QF1 v Winner QF2

(4pm, Twickenham)

Sun 25 Oct

SF2: Winner QF3 v Winner QF4

(4pm, Twickenham)

Fri 30 Oct

Bronze final

(8pm, Olympic Stadium)

Sat 31 Oct


(4pm, Twickenham)

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