New Zealand vs Australia RLWC 2013 Final Match Highlights

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Friday, October 18th, 2013 | 149

RLWC Live Stream

RLWC Semifinals Fixtures:

Match 2 – Australia vs New Zealand
Date: 30 November 2013 – Time: 14:30 GMT


Time Table Matches Streams
Sunday, 30th November
14:30 BST


[ It is one of the biggest competitions in 2013 and tickets to many matches in the competition has been sold out but how you get to watch games online ? well you are on a right place, we at tsmplug will be streaming every single match in the competition live. This page is the “dedicated Page” for RLWC live stream, we will place links on this page to all the games and the main matches will be streams right here ]

We covered British and Irish Lions tour all matches live and you can search the matches here on this site with all the positive responses we recieved and many emails we have requesting to stream RLWC as well and we wont dispoint our rugby fans. All you have to do is to bookmark this page and comeback here shortly before the all starts on 26th October with Opening ceremony.

We will be using the BBC and Setanta 1 coverage to stream the matches online, and links for every match stream will be available 30 minutes before the start of the match.

New Zealand are the defending Champions in the Rugby League World Cup 2013 and they will be looking to get another title under their belt having won the Rugby Union World Cup back in 2011. It is the fourtenth edition of this competition and BBC 1 has the right to broadcast every match live from the Rugby League World Cup throughout October November time.

The competition is scheduled to be played in all over United Kingdom, While the all the knockout matches will be played in three stadiums in England, with Wembley, Manchester and Wigan hosting quarterfinals and Semifinals matches while the final wil be played at Manchester Stadium.

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  • deebo

    Is this free?

    • Admin

      @ Deebo

      Yes it will be free… just bookmark this page we will post live links here 30 minutes before every match.

      • willie sine

        Hellow am texting from Indonesia and would want to watch the rugby world cup game between papua new guinea kumuls and samoa. please would you let me know the links to watch the game live?

  • Karl

    ill pay money to watch the RLWC online……but how and where do I watch it? Is there an online channel I can pay to subscribe?

    • Admin

      @ Karl

      you dont have to pay bro…. just visit here on 26th october to get the live action.. of every game in the competition. just bookmark this page and keep checking throughout the RLWC

      • Ellie Sharp

        Why can’t I get tonight’s game? would appreciate your help.

        • Ellie Sharp

          Half time and stream is showing 30 mins in to first half

  • Dewalita

    Live steaming? But where is the link???

    • Admin

      links will appear on 26th October. please have patience and check out the schedule….

      • Doug

        Im on my ipad i wanna watch the kiwis game what do i do

  • Josh

    So even when I’m in America, I can still watch rlwc in this site on the 26th?

    • Admin

      @ Josh

      Yeah bro, no territorial restrictions… please share the site thats all we ask.

  • Josh

    That’s awesome!!!!! Thanks for the infor…will let others know about the site for sure!

  • johnpwoods

    Can I watch on my imac?

    • Admin

      @ Johnpwoods

      probably yes, but you have to install some flash plugin…. research it on internet and you will find something and maybe i will update the post with how to watch it on apple stuff

  • chris

    will u show replays or just the game when its live

    • Admin

      “Live feeds of the matches”

      • chris

        but no replays i cant watch all of them live where can i watch replays

  • SeanizKing

    @Admin. Thank you for the information and providing this service. You are also a very patient person. Seriously, some of the questions you get?!? Especially after the information has already been provided. AMAZES me…hah! Cheers

    • rom

      I was thinking the exact same thing!!

  • dean

    Hey, thanks in advance for offering this. Just a reminder that BST ends on Sunday 27 October, so times will be one hour earlier, because I note that your times are listed as BST…. cheers!

    • Admin

      Thanks dean i will keep that in mind. regards

  • Jane

    Where is the link?

    • Admin

      @ jane

      dude first match start at 14:30 BST, so check back around 30 minutes before the kickoff

  • K1w1

    Hi will it only be streamed in flash? No chance of watching on ipad?

  • Mark

    Are you going to post a tutorial on how to watch on an imac? Amazing website

  • I gotta you


  • Admin

    okay people live streaming player is up, coverage is from PrimeSports UK channel. we will update more links here as well. let me know if there is any problem

    • Mick

      So I’m supposed to set up an account and enter my credit info? Don’t think so…

  • ro

    how do u do full screen?

  • Richie

    I have a big box saying “download” and “play now” in the middle of the broadcast box? How do I get rid of that?

    • Richie

      Don’t worry. Found it. The ‘x’ wasn’t showing up, but I reloaded and there it was. Thanks a heap for providing this, btw. Legend!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks a lot Admin. With out this we RL fans in Qatar wouldn’t have able to watch RLWC

  • dan

    How do I get rid of the obnoxious advertisement in front of the video player?

  • Richie

    Can we make it fullscreen?

  • bob

    u said its free wtf

    • ro

      Free but no full screen

      • Sideline Ref

        If you cant see the full screen icon you need to turn your resolution up to 1200 x 800 and once you go fullscreen the ads will disappear.

  • jowie

    Thanks for bringing us RLWC 2013. There wouldn’t have been any way for me to watch the games here in a country where Rugby League is almost non-existent. Thank you so much!

  • James

    Anything for tonights games?

  • reuben

    what time would the nz game be streaming perth time?

  • Jamie

    How do i find the links or watch??

  • ChamsChaos

    Can’t get rid of the second set of add no “x” in on the ad, keep refreshing but nothing there.

  • Sam Adams

    where are these links because i can’t find any

    • Admin

      streaming updated.. please refresh the page and see if it is working for you now…

      • teamtemu

        me either – or have I got my times wrong 20:00 BST 30 OCT = Australia 7am EST 31 OCT

  • Kai

    Why is there an ad in the middle of the screen? Thought this was free?

  • Dustin

    Not working cant sign up or dot i ?

  • Frank

    Thank you guys so much for breing the RLWC to my house! much appreciated!

  • Joel

    Where’s the kiwi match link?

    • Admin


      bro kiwi match will start at 18:00 BST… i will update the stream before the game…. have some patience and read through the post for instructions…

      • Joel

        Yeah sorry mate. Daylight savings time, forgot an hour time dif.

  • JoelJoel

    Nice work man!

    Has the stream dropped out for most of the 2nd half PNG v France game for anyone else?

  • chris

    Yep, same here, can’t get the stream to come back, gonna miss me some quality Haka’s

  • los

    where’s the link to kiwis game please?

    • Admin

      can you please refresh, streaming player is available 15 minutes before the game and its working fine, just give 2 minutes for player to load and “close ad” button to appear. click close ad and you are good to go

      • Doug

        Whens the kiwi game on

  • Jayden walsh

    mine say’s wait 2 minutes for stream to load but doesn’t load just stays a black screen

  • sam164a

    is it free in the uk

  • Lewa

    where is the link?

  • Jamie

    is there a steam for tonight? im just getting youtube adverts>

    • Admin

      Hi, i replaced youtube ad with the stream now…. please refresh 1 or 2 times if stream wont load… and please people stream will always be available before the kickoff, it can 1 minute before or 1 hour before….so wait till the kickoff time…if stream wont work for you try to refresh a few times…. and if stream is actualy down i will know and i will update immediately.

  • sam164a

    i vei na link mudrau

  • J.Bateman

    Hope this works!

  • wesley

    I miss the Fiji vs Ireland game can i watch a replay

  • Jane

    Is the tonga vs ireland game at 4 in the morning nz time? I thought it was at 8:45 nz time?

    • Jane

      nvm got it

  • dee

    Uhmm what exactly is this?? can i watch the match live or is it just updates of whats going on the rlwc??

  • maia

    When will the link for the tonga game be up?

  • dee

    does it come up with tennis live first?? will the tonga game show??

    • Admin

      tonga game will be live minutes before kickoff here

  • Jane

    where is tongas game?

  • maia

    For some reason its taking way too long to load is it suppose to? LOL

  • Sam Adams

    change it to premier sports please we haven’t come here to watch tennis

  • Sam Adams

    terrible stream tonight, kept freezing and sound was going dodgy all the time

    • Admin

      ah i see, hopefully tomorrow it will be better

  • Bob Browne

    Hi Guys Loving your live streams. I noticed all your time are in BST,I am in Australia doesn’t your time change back on the 27th October and does that mean I just take 1hour off you streaming times

  • Benjamin Golding

    Where is the link for the Cook Island v USA match? It’s 24 minutes before kick off!

  • Gav

    Has the stream moved? Here for the USA game and nothings showing up?

  • Jay

    is the American game on yet?

  • Gav

    Hello? Am i missing something? Wheres the Game?

  • jay

    wheres the cook island v usa game? didn’t it start like 10mins ago?

  • JRAM

    Where is the USA vs. Cook Islands match please??

  • teamtemu

    ummm wheres the link to watch the game – Ive got up to watch the game 7am EST Australia

  • Bryan

    How do I get the USA vs Cook Islands game

  • Sean

    Ok its 8:20pm in the UK, the game has started at 8pm and I cant see any link to the live stream. Is this a bogus site or is there something wrong with the set up tonight.

    • Admin

      Sorry mate, internet just got back up right now…. i have placed the stream please refresh the page

  • Jum

    Where is the link for the Yankee game?

  • hoodie

    How do I do this I have signed up but where are the links for tonights game

  • Admin

    Sorry guys, i had my internet connection messed up..but links is up now.

    • arvedui

      Are you going to “rewind” during the break? Because now we are (I am) about 20 minuts late. By the way: huge thanks for stream.

      • Admin

        I can’t do that. but maybe i will place the highlights vidoes or download link for full match. i will see how to compensate your lost 20 minutes 🙂

        • Bob Browne

          It keeps dropping out

        • arvedui

          Relax 🙂 By saying that I’m late I meant that It was 10 minutes on the clock at 20:30 BST, so at I had further scores that via video 🙂

  • Brian

    On my iPad and I can’t get this to work just get blank square saying wait two mins. Have looked at other posts:(

    • Natalia

      I am having a the same issue. Any ideas how to resolve this?

  • Jum

    You shouldn’t have to dude! We appreciate you for doing taking the time out and posting these games for us.
    Cheers mate

  • Brian

    Forget ipad. Works great on PC

  • Bob Browne

    We really appreciate all the effete you are putting in to give us these games Thanks. Had you though of posting a link to all games replays our better still embed the replays on a page. Can you confirm when you daylight savings finishes

  • Sam Houston

    +1 to that! Great service! Thanks!

    You do know New Zealand v France kicks off at 1900BST today though right?

    • Admin

      Yes, stream is up..

  • bob brown

    why is france vs newzealand not on?

    • Admin

      It is on bro… take a look

  • bob brown

    cheers dude

  • Oosh!

    Mean bro . . . click n go . .love it! watched the game from the luxury of my bed, appreciated!!!
    ‘Go the KIWIs!!’

  • coops

    wheres the link to the england game please?

    • Admin

      Link is there, there is still time till kickoff

  • maria

    how can I watch it

  • maria

    how do I bookmark these page I want to watch Australia vs Fiji match……..please

    • Admin

      @ Maria

      isit this page 10 minutes before the kickoff, stream will start here automaticaly

  • Robert

    Watching from Malta. Thank you for the link.

  • Enoch Melson

    How can I watch the game between PNG vs Samoa please?

  • ena

    where is the link for tongas game?

  • Bob Browne

    Hi Guys
    Its 5 min before kick of in the Rugby League World Cup and you still have the Soccer playing. Are you streaming the W C game today

    • Admin

      updated the post, please take a look

  • Bob Browne

    Still not loading this is what comes up

    Checking your browser before accessing

    This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.

    Please allow up to 5 seconds…

    DDoS protection by CloudFlare

  • Dorothy Martin

    where is the kiwi vs png game pleeeeease?

  • andy

    there is no link for the england v fiji game. the time for kick off says 20.00. It should be 14.30

  • gareth

    Eng v Fiji?

  • Rosa

    Any stream for samoa vs france? Im from australia

  • Henry

    wats wrong with the samoa france link?

  • kay

    will you be streaming new zealand game?

  • Jay

    wtf happened to Scotland v New Zealand game?

  • Ben Naiqama

    What time is the quarterfinal between fiji and samoa going to happen? And are you going to stream it live also? Thank you…

    • Admin

      Yes, please take a look at the schedule of Quarter finals…. and streaming will be available for all quarterfinals…

      • Ben Naiqama

        thanks very much man…..tremendously helpful….

        • Ben Naiqama

          where is my game….fiji and samoa?

  • mark

    samoa and fiji links up yet bro?

  • CrushinConez

    is the samoa vs fiji gunna be here

  • tomo

    Game showing today?

  • jonny

    any link for todays game?

  • CrushinConez

    the samoa vs fiji game is on now wheres the fucking link you blowass cunt

  • kainoqu

    where is the fiji vs samoa game?

    • Admin

      messed up the timing thing….. I thought it was a late kickoff…sorry about that…

  • beth

    hi, when will the Fiji Aus be on, for the match that’s happening today?

    • Admin

      @ beth

      Fiji game will be available at 15:30 BST

      • audrey

        I can’t see the australia fiji game.

  • Te Rako Mahuta

    Bro how do sign up for this, I’m in Ghana and stressin missing all the games, I’ve only just found this site, I’ve done the bookmark thing, can I still watch the final??

    • Admin

      yeah bro, just visit this page on 30th, 1 hour before kickoff. stream will be up here free… no need to sign up

  • Phil

    Is the final free to watch here? Im in Minnesota so what time does the final start?

  • Phil

    Is there a link here we got to click on before game starts?

    • Admin

      @ phil

      no bro. just visit this page like 1 hour before the match and we will have the streaming player here….

  • Michael Trott

    Tonights RLWC final 30th Nov 2013 aussies v Kiwis, we are in Bali, just checking in to see if this site will be streaming this game live and that it is free with no signing in needed, just come back to this site 1hour before the game starts
    ? Thanks Admin.. otherwise I will have a riot on my hands !

  • Ecko

    Just checking to see if i you are still streaming the game tonight

  • Te Rako Mahuta

    Bro how do you get rid of the advert in the middle of the player??

  • Stephen Wright

    What can be done to prevent subtitles from appearing on the screen?

    • Admin

      @ Stephen Wright.

      i have replaced the stream with BBC final coverage. hope it works fine for you…. try to refresh the page

  • Tash

    why is it cricket when the league final has started?

  • Tarryn

    Can I watch the world cup final here??? its asking me to sign up, where do I click on to watch it for free if poss pls??? 😉

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