British Lions vs Wallabies Highlights Video 3rd Test Match

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Saturday, July 6th, 2013 | 54

Lions vs Australian – 3rd Test
Date: 06 July 2013 – Time: 11:00 GMT

Today we will have the first test match of the Lions tour of the Australian, British Lions will be taking on Australian Rugby side in what should be a an epic encounter. Last time lions visit Australia was back in 2001 and after winning the first test Lions went on top lose both the last 2 matches and they will be looking to avoid such defeat in 2013 series.

Short Match Highlights of Epic 3rd Test

Lions had a wonderfull tour so far against different side from Australian only downer was the defeat in the hands of Brumbies but Lions can be excused of that as they had a second string team in that match. Before that however they put together some great performences against the likes of Reds, Combined country, waratahs and Barbarians. We have been placing match highlights video throughout the lions tour and we will also be making sure you get the short match highlights for the test match against Australian.

British lions tour is such an iconice sporting event started back in 1888 and this test series which comes after every four with rotation of visiting countries like South Africa, Australian and New Zealand, is the pinnacle of any British & Irish player perhaps even more than the Rugby World Cup itself. It means alot for the fans and since Lions wont be touring Australian again untill 2025 these set of players will be looking to go all the way and win this series. Lions have a good squad, they had a good build now its about time to show what they are made off, on the other hand Australian Rugby side has been on the rise in the last decade and they will be a tough tough opponent.

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        full match video download are coming up shortly…. all three test matches just hang on couple of hours please 🙂

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  • Danny

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    • Admin

      i will be posting the downloading links soon. it can be anytime from now. waiting for the people to upload the full match. Just hang in there my friend. 🙂

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          Download links are up man, enjoy the full epic match.

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        And how can anyone not want to know the score as it happens? The earth shook where I was standing. What a result!

  • tom

    is it even available to download? i can’t see a link i can actually click on

    • Admin

      mate just above the youtube video, its in blue colour, and its not clickable you have to copy paste

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    Hi just wondering if you are going to have the Springboks v Samoa game on?

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    Short video highlights are available now but i would recomend just wait for couple of more hours as we wil be posting full match video download links…

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    Hey all, links are available now for the full match, download and let me know if anything is wrong with the links

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      Hey mitch, i remove the download links because this copyright watch dogs keep sending me emails to remove the stuff. so for the next test i will place links and after 48 hours i had to take it out. i hope you understand.

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        Do you know of any other way to download the first couple of tests?
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      please download now, i have updated the links with hotfile download, it should work.. and let me know if you are happy with them

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    Hey people, you can download the full match in with hotfiles now, i have updated…. do let me know if you have problems

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    Appreciate them being made available but would be a lot easier if you can put them up for streaming on like putlocker sockshare or videoslasher for example. A hell of a lot easier to watch that way personally and should then be able to have it up as a full file and not seperate downloads.

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