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Benin vs MALI – Rugby Match Preview

In men’s international rugby tournament on Africa Region, Benin vs MALI will play their 5th head to head at African CAR Championship, which is the 29th tournament so far. The match will play at the scheduled day on Saturday 30, May 2015 and kick off time is 16:30 local, 14:30 GMT, and 20:30 BDT.

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Matches Information’s:

Match: Benin vs MALI (Rugby live stream online on telecasting TV channel to free watch)

Tournament Schedule: African CAR Championship

Start off: 16:30 local, 14:30 GMT, and 20:30 BDT

Match Day: Saturday 30, May 2015.

Live Coverage TV Network of Benin vs MALI Match:

Fox Sport 1

J Sports 4

Sportsnet World

Fox Soccer Plus

Sky Sports 4/HD


Foxtel Play

Setanta Ireland

SuperSport 1

Match Points and Preview:

  • So far Benin’s men’s international rugby union there have been played 20 international matches in their rugby history. Thus far they have won just 3 matches
  • Their most recent international match was at 18 May, 2014. That have been played against Niger. And most recent victories are 5 matches earlier that have been comes against Chad. The victories was come against Chad at 2011. Benin’s winning points deference’s was 19-11.
  • In 20 games they have been played as far as this matches, Benin lost 15 games with 2 drawn as well besides their 3 victories.
  • On Oct, 2003, Benin have got their first international Rugby match victory against Mauritania by 0-6 points. And they found their very next win in very next consecutive matches against Togo, which was their vey 5th international appearances.
  • So far, largest points for Benin in 19, which comes against Chad in their 3rd And largest point against is 56, comes against Mali.
  • Total points for 87 and points against 424 so far.
  • Mali in their 24 rugby international appearances, they have played so far, won in 12 and lost 9 games. Besides this they have 3 drawn as well.
  • Longest winning streak are 5 and losing streak are 3. In their 12 wins comes against 7 teams.
  • Largest points for 81 and points against 16. Largest winning margin are 81 as well.
  • Total points for 393 and total points against 154 in Mali’s rugby international.

Match Head to Head:

Benin had played 4 matches against Mali. In their Benin lost all 4 games since 2003; they have played their last match at last year 2014. And before this they played last on July, 2009.

Head to head Summery so far since 1985 among Benin vs MALI:

Games Played: 4

Benin Won: 0

MALIWon: 4

Game Drawn: 0

Longest Winning run for MALI: 4

Largest points for Benin: 5

Largest points against Benin: 56

Total points for Benin: 8

Total points against: 117

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