Australia tour Fixture (Rugby)

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This year’s Australia tour will be held in New Zealand and United States. Their first tour is in New Zealand, Second at United Stats and 3rd will be back in New Zealand. Australia is the 5th in the current rugby ranking, New Zealand is the first and United States is 16th. First match of the tour will be at 15th August, second at the 5th on the next month of September and 22nd of October will be the end of their tour.

Australia tour Fixture (Rugby)

  1. New Zealand
  2. Australia
  3. United States
Date Match Venue
15th August, 2015, Saturday New Zealand v Australia Auckland
Saturday 5th September 2015, United States vs. Australia Chicago
22nd October, 2015, Saterday New Zealand v Australia Auckland


Short introduce of participating team:

New Zealand:

They are the first team in the world rugby ranking. So far in the history of New Zealand’s rugby’s played 528 matches since 1903, where they have their first match vs. Australia. Also won the match by 22-3 and thus far won 404 matches, where they have 105 defeats only with 19 drawn. Also played most matches vs. Australia, it’s about 152 matches. Won 104 match is the most vs. any team. Most 41 defeats comes also vs. Australia. They are the current champion of the world rugby, where they was also the first winner of world rugby at 1987.


Australia have also 2 title at world cup rugby. First comes in 1991 and second comes at 1999. In both they defeats France in the finals. As per record played so far 578 games. Most match, wins and defeats all were comes vs. New Zealand. The record are counting since 1899 as they were played their first matches vs. British Lsles.

United States:

16th on the table of world rugby ranking. They have played since 1912 and in the opened vs. Australia, where lost by 12-8. In 6 world cup appearances they have just 3 wins since 1987. And 3 victory comes in 3 different world cup. So far played 212 matches, have 68 wins and 141 defeats. Most match vs. Canada (52) and wins also vs. them, its 13.

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