African CAR Championship (fixture)

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African CAR Championship

African CAR Championship is going to start at 8th August and the participating team is Namibia, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Namibia is the current champion of the tournament. First match will at 8th August and last matches in between Namibia vs. Zimbabwe at 15th August, Saturday.

Date Match Venue
Saturday8th August, 2015, Namibia vs. Kenya Windhoek Stadium
15thAugust 2015, Saturday Namibia vs. Zimbabwe Windhoek Stadium


Here is a short brief of the three participating nation:


Namibia is the most experience team in the tournament out of 3 nation. They are also and only team in the top 25. They was played 4 world cup so far and all time finished tournament from the Bottom of the pool. First was at 1999 and last comes at 2011. No wins so far in the world cup so far as they have 15 matches in 4 appearances. Played their first match in rugby as South West Africa in 1955 vs. British and Irish Lions. Biggest wins vs. Madagascar by 112-0 and defeats vs. Australia by 142-0.


Zimbabwe got debut their rugby international at 1910 vs. British lsles and so far have 2 world cup tournament attendance. Thus far Zimbabwe played most match vs. Namibia and the number is 23. Won just 3 matches and defeats 20 so far. And In their history played 106 matches all over, won just 46 matches and lost 59. Only drawn comes vs. Madagascar.


Kenya is the only team of the tournament, who’s never played rugby world cup. Where they was started play rugby since 1954. Biggest wins vs. Nigeria by 96-3 and biggest defeats comes vs. Namibia by 84-12.

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