Full List WWE Wrestlers Salaries 2014 – Details leaked

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 | 13

WWE 2014 Schedule

So here is very interesting article about how the WWE Wrestlers are getting paid, we did some research and the findings are published below. These figures are leaked online and available on other trusted wrestling sources as well. These salary figures are rounded up where $344,300 will become $345,000. There are quite a few shocks in terms of WWE salaries and some are expected. Some stars also enjoy more bonuses like travel expenses, use of company’s prive jets and buses and some percentage of merchandise sales.

WWE Legend Contracts:

The legends and executive office people salaries are not revealed. Wrestlers like Undertaker who are longtime part of WWE they get different kind of contracts, where they are paid on appearences basis. Tripple H is also in similar kind of contract plus his bonus includes use of private plan of WWE 10 times in year. The current roster of WWE stars salaries are give below

WWE SuperStars Salaries
Wrestler Yearl Salary Bonus Contract
John Cena $2,75 million 6.25% Merchandise sales, Free travel/acc 10 years
Big Show  $1 million Personal tour bus 10 years
Kane $905,000 First Class Travel/Accomodation 5 years
Randy Orton $1,6 million Personal Travel tour bus 10 yeasr
CM Punk:  $1,2 million Personal tour bus & first class travel/acco 7 years
Cody Rhodes  $494,500 3 year
Daniel Bryan  $620,470 3 year
Sheamus  $1 million first class travel paid for 7 year
Rey Mysterio  $985,00 4% bonus for high merchandise sales 5 year
Brodus Clay  $170,000 2 years
Christian  $595,000 first class travel 3 years
Dolph Ziggler  $540,230 3 year
Darren Young  $80,145 3 year
Zack Ryder  $135,050 1.5% bonus on high merchandise sales 3 year
The Miz:  $712,000 5 year
The Great Khali  $974,000 5 years
Tensai  $520,000 3 years
Mark Henry  $877,000 First class travel 10 years
Kofi Kingston  $254,200 3 years
Alberto Del Rio $675,000 first class travel 3 year
Jack Swagger $75,000 3 year
Jinder Mahal: $75,000 3 year


WWE Divas Salaries
Wrestler Yearl Salary Bonus Contract
Alicia Fox  $72,520 3 years
AJ Lee: $104,300 3 years
Beth Phoenix: $112,500 first class travel paid for 3 years
Eve  $109,475 /first class travel paid for 5 years
Layla: $86,450 3 years
Natalya  $74,410 3 years


WWE Announces/Commentators Salaries
Wrestler Yearl Salary Bonus Contract
Booker T $72,520 First class travel/accomodation 3 years
Jerry Lawler $104,300 First class travel/accomodation 5 years
Matt Striker $112,500 3 years
Michael Cole: $109,475 5 years


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    shocked @ jacks salary tho think its more than that# i can help you write more about it @NyssaMcGlashon tweet me

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        Ahh unlucky thanks fella

  • Wwefacts

    This is definitely wrong. Some of the divas have been gone for over a year so they wouldnt be on a 2014 payroll. Dont post what you dont know for a fact. Jabronis.

    • Darryl Lee

      sometimes even when a wrestler isnt wrestling hes still being paid for other things like showing up when they ask them to for interviews etc

      • JayDeeKay

        beth phoenix though?

  • christian daniels

    Cena is hell of rich basterd

  • leah

    They dpnt even have all pf the divas. This is an out rage people

  • Wwe

    Undertaker salary

    • That guy

      Did you not read the paragraph at the top it stated that people that have been with the company for awhile have special contracts such as the undertaker

  • http://www.elementgames.tv/ ElementGames.TV

    Jack Swagger needs to get himself an agent to negotiate a better deal, he’s being badly ripped off here! especially when you have sheamus earning more than 10x more than him!

  • Corey

    Beth Phoenix made $112,500 in 2014 despite leaving the company in 2012? That seems unlikely.

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