10 Most Valuable Sports Brands 2014 (Nike, ESPN, SKY)

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Sports is the biggest entertainment industry in the world and thats by a million mile, many major brands live off exploiting oppertunities in sports and in return teams, athletes and fans get something from these brands. Today we are going to take a look at 10 of the most valuable sports brands in the world, it can be anything TV channel, sports manufacturing company and any company which has some market share in sports industry.

NIke endorsement deals highest paid Nike

Market Cap: $65.36 Billion

  • Established: 1964 in USA
  • CEO: Mark Parker
  • Sales: $27.28 billion (2013)

Nike is the most valuable sports brand in the world and infect it sits at the 24th position in overall list of most valuable brands. Nike inc  designs, develops, markets sports footwear clothing and has so much involvment in every high profile sport. 

Nike’s brand is constantly increasing and their 2013 total revenue was  $27.28 billion which is $3b more than 2012 while their total market value increase from $49b to $65b.

ESPN most valuable brandESPN

Market Cap: $12.45 Billion

  • Established: 1979 in USA
  • Industry: TV & Media
  • Sales: $10.20 billion (2013)

The worldwise leader in sports coverage on all plateforms TV, Radio, Internet and phone. ESPN is the biggest sports tv network in the world with market value of around $12b while their last years total revenue was $10billion.


Market Cap: $22.76 Billion

  • Established: 1920 in Germany
  • CEO: Herbert Hainer
  • Revenue: $19.45 billion (2013)

Adidas is a german sports brand which produces sportswear and sports equipment. They are the 2nd biggest sports manufacturing brand in the world behind Nike. Their last year’s revenue was around $19b in 2013.

SkysportsBritish Sky (SkySports)

Market Cap: $24.22 B

  • Established: 1994 in UK
  • Industry: TV & Media
  • Sales: $11.30 billion (2013)

UK’s biggest tv company (British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc) provide all tv related stuff to uk audiance which include distribution of tv services, channel provider and broadcasting sports and other stuff. They racked in $11 billion last year in revenue.

under armourUnder Armour

Market Cap: $3.5 B

  • Established: 1996 in USA
  • CEO: Kevin Plank
  • Sales: $2.89 billion (2013)

Under Armour has come along way in the last just less than 20 years of its inception. Now they are one of the biggest sportswear manufacturers behind the likes of Nike and Adidas. 2013-14 revenue increased to $2.89b from $1.80b in last year.

Top 10 Biggest Sports Brands 2014
1 NIKE  $65b
2 ADIDAS  $22b
3 ESPN  $12b
4 SKY SPORTS  $24b
6 YES  $600m 
7 IMG  $520m 
8 NESN  $500m 
9 MLBAM  $420m 
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