Georges St-Pierre Net Worth 2014 & Career Earnings

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Georges St-Pierre total earnings, yearly salary/winnings mmaGeorges St-Pierre Net Worth – $25 million

Earnings Per Fight – $5 m
Yearly Income – $12 m
Endorsement Earnings – $4 million a year
Major Brands: Under Armour, Hayaboosa, MMA Gear, Coca Cola, NOS
Sport: MMA
: 32

Georges “Rush” St-Pierre recently retired from Professional mixed Martial Arts league UFC, and he was by far the most successfull and highest paid fighter in UFC history. Not only inside the octagon but off it as well. Many regard him as the Michael Jordan of MMA. Now he is retired and we take a look at his career earnings and some of his biggest pay days in the UFC as well as his earnings from Endorsement Deals.


Georges St-Pierre Salary Per Fight & Career Income

Widely regarded as the highest paid MMA fighter in the world, in the last 5 years of his career he was a guaranteed $3 Million before the set foot in the ring, and sometime his earnings could top $6 Million from a fight. Lets take a look how he could achieve that.

Money Per Fight:
GSP use to get $200,000 just to show up for the fight, while a win in the fight will get him extra bonus of $200,000 so that is $400,000 for a short nights work, which Rush usualy makes of his opponent. the real money for Georges comes from PPV buys. In UFC the big name fighters are entitled to get the piece of PPV buys and how it works lets take a look.

PPV Buys Bonus:

Less than 100,000: n/a
100,000 – 175,000: $1 (per PPV sale)
175,000 – 300,000: $1.5 (per PPV sale)
300,000 – 330,000: $2 (per PPV sale)
More than 330,000: $3 (per PPV sale)

So lets take a example of Georges UFC 167 PPV buys, Georges St-Pierre is by far the biggest draw in UFC and wheras usualy a UFC main event PPV get 350,000 buys on average, GSP got his UFC 167 to 950,000 buys so that is $3 for every buy while makes it around $3 Million from just PPV sales plus his fight fee + winning bonus. Thats makes it $3.2 Million from UFC for GSP. A good nights work.


Top 10 Highest Grossing fights of Georges St-Pierre

1. Josh Koscheck UFC 124

2. Carlos Condit – UFC 154

3. Nick Diaz UFC 158

4. Jake Shields UFC 129

5. Dan Hardy – UFC 111

6. Thiago Alves – UFC 100

7. B.J. Penn – UFC 94

8. Jon Fitch UFC 87

9. Matt Serra – UFC 83

10. Matt Hughes – UFC 79
Match fee + Winning Bonus ($210,000)

All the above figures are just the guranteed showing up fee plus the winning bonus. the PPV buys bonus is much bigger and depend on the number of sales of PPV.

Georges St-Pierre Endorsement Deals:
Regarded as the Michael Jordan of MMA, Georges St-Pierre had alot of endorsement deals to his name and some of them are discussed below.

  1. Under Aromour
  2. EA Sports
  3. Hayaboosa of MMA Gear
  4. Coca Cola
  5. NOS

Those are some of the high profile endorsment deals GSP has been with and most of them pays a 7 digit figures. Apart from these deals he also have a many new business ventures. Which include the

  1. Fitness mobile application (touchfit)
  2. Book – (way of the fight)
  3. Acting Career – Captain America
  4. Supplement deal
  5. Commersial Partnerships – (888Poker, Affliction, Bacardi, Royor)


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