2014 Le Tour De France Prize Money Breakdown

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 | 0

Le Tour De France Prize Money

The biggest competition in road cycling is Tour De France which takes place every year and here is the breakdown of 2.2 million euroes which will be paid out to “Le Tour De France” Participants.

Le Tour De France 2014 Prize Money – €2.2 Million
Category Winner Runnerup 3rd Place 4th 5th 6th to 51st
Overall Standings €450,000 €200,000 €100,000 €70,000 €50,000 6th place get €23,000, 7th gets €11,500 and so on. every place get share of of the prize money. upto €450 to the 51st place finisher.
Stage Winners €8000 €4000 €2000 €1000 €500 and so on to the 20th place which gets €200
Team Trials €10,000 €5000 €2500 €1200 €600 downward sliding till the 20th place which gets €200
Overall Green Jersey  €25,000 €15,000 €10,000 €5000 €2500 downward scale upto 8th place plus €300 for green jersey winner everyday.
Overall best climber €25,000 €15,000 €10,000 €2500 downward scale to 8th place plus €300 for polka dot jersey and €800 for each climb win ,
Super Combative rider €20,000 for overall “super combative rider” & €2000 for each stage “combative” rider 
Best Team  €2800 for each stage’s best team & upto €50,000 for overall best team
Best Young Rider  €25,000 €15,000 €10,000 €5000 €300 for each stage “white jersey”
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