Premier League TV Rights Deals 2014 TV Money Distribution

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Friday, June 28th, 2013 | 0

By far the most watched European league around the world is English Premier League, it brings in huge revenue from TV broadcasting right sale, Premier League clubs and the Premier League itself both benefit from the tv rights year and year out which is increasing every year. Other major league like La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga are no match to Premier League when it comes to globalization.

Premier League TV Rights Sales 2013-2014:
Premier League sold its broadcasting rights to Sky and BT in record breaking deal worth around £3.018bn, while BBC match of the day highlights deal worth £178m

Sky Sports + BT Live TV deal: £3.018bn (2013-16)
BBC Match of the Day TV deal: £178m
Overseas TV deals: Around £2 Billion (£1.4bn for 2010 to 2013)

Merit Money: On top of the TV money there is Prize money (merit money) awarded to each club depending on the position they finish in the league which is around 1.2million paid for every place a club finishes in the league.

How The Premier League TV Money Is Distributed:
Unlike in La Liga and some other major league in Premier League clubs are awarded the same amount of money from the TV rights, and it works like that.

Premier League TV money distributionDomestic TV deals money distribution:

  • 50% Divided Equely
  • 25% – awarded to each club finish according to where they finish in the league
  • 25% – Demoestic Deals “facility fees’ each time a club’s Match shown on television in the UK.

Overseas Broadcasting Income

  • Divided equaly among 20 clubs.
TV & Prize Money Payouts to all 20 clubs in premier league
Merit Money £1.2m for every place in the league, higher the club finishes more the payout will be, 2013-14 champions will pocket £24million in prize money
Facility fees  £750,000 for every time a team’s match is shown live or £7.5 million minimum in total for whole season (which ever is higher)
Domestic TV Deals domestic money is shared between every club equaly (£23 million for every club)
Overseas TV deals Overseas tv money is shared between (£32 million for every club)


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