How Eugenie Bouchard Can Become Richest Female Athlete

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Saturday, July 5th, 2014 | 2

Eugenie Bouchard most beautiful tennis playerCandania sensation Genie Bouchard will be playing her second straight grand slam final when she takes on Petra Kvitova in the wimbledon 2014 women final today. She has a chance to double her career earnings by winning Wimbledon 2014 which will get her around £1.5 million, doubling her career earnings so far which stand just over £1 million to date. But potentialy speaking thats just a fraction of a money she will be making through endorsement deals once she wins her first grand slam and there is no bigger stage in professional tennis than Wimbledon.

She has all the ingrediants to top what Maria Sharapova (the current queen of tennis) has achieved in her career, looks and talent both are on Bouchard side and she looks like a pretty down to earth young girl. Maria Sharapova is the current highest earning female sports women in the world and she is earning around £20 million a year in prize money and endorsement deals in the last few years.

Maria Sharapova vs Eugenie Bouchard live stream

Maria Sharapova is reaping the reward of her early success on the court, and Eugenie Bouchard is on her way to surpass that if she continue to perform at this level. Unless of course she pulls a “Anna Kournikova” who had alot of hype at the start of her career but never backed it up. But Genie Bouchard has a great chance of winning her first wimbledon and starting her journey to be the richest female athlete on planet in the future, but hopefuly her aim is to be the best women tennis player in the world.

Endorsement Deals Lined-Up Already:

If this early hype don’t hurt Bouchard’s promising career, but for some reason she or her marketing team are already aspires to duplicate what Maria Sharapova has achieved rather than focusing on her on court success like Steffi Graff or Justine Henin.

She alreayd has a massive Nike deal which is sure to be renewed with massive yearly pay check if Bouchard can get hands on her first grand slam this year and if she keep winning and stay at the top of her game in the tennis courts companies will be fighting for her signature.

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