Arsene Wenger Salary 2014 – Net Worth

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Arsene Wenger Salary 2014Arsene Wenger Net Worth  – £39 million

Yearly Salary – £7 million
Sport: Football
: 63

Arsene Wenger is a long running Arsenal Football CLub manager, he has been at the helm of Arsenal managment since 1996 and has transformed Arsenal into a big club. He helped Arsenal win 3 League titles, 4 FA Cups and made it to the Finals of Champions League back in 2006 when they were beaten by Barcelona. Arsene Wenger is getting paid £7 million a year for his services as a Arsenal manager while his net worth is beleived to be around £39 million as published in “The Sunday Times” newspaper in United Kingdom. He is the 2nd highest paid manager in Premier League in 2013-2014 season just behind Jose Mourinho of Chelsea.

Arsene Wenger Sign New Contract To Remain at Arsenal:

Arsene Wenger has signed a new deal to remain as Arsenal boss till 2017, the new contract came after Arsenal’s recent success in FA Cup. This was Arsenal’s first trophy since 2005 and the kind of squad they have and the momentum of finaly securing some silveware Arsenal are expected to fight for the title next season.

Wenger’s current deal worth £7 million ($11m) a year for the next three season with an option to extend the contract further, depending on the results.

Arsene Wenger London House
Location: Totteridge, London (UK)

Arsene Wenger bought a house in Totteridge London, where he resides since last decade he has been in charge of Arsenal, His previous house was also in the same area which he sold and moved to a new one.

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