9 Greatest Undefeated Boxers of All Time

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Floyd Mayweather Jr the one name who ranked top in this list with his outstanding unbeaten record, he has been on top of his game for his entire 20 year career in professional boxing. Today we take a look at top of the greatest undefeated boxers which include the likes of Edwin Valero, Laszlo Papp, Rocky Marciano and others. All them have finished their careers without a defeat.

#1. Floyd Mayweather Jr (46 Fights – 46 Wins – 26 Ko’s):

undefeated boxer till 2014

Since the day Floyd Mayweather Jr stepped in the Boxing ring to fight Roberto Apodaca he has been undefeated and no boxer ever came close to getting a win over Mayweather. His latest victim was Marcos Maidana who gave one of his toughest fights to date but in the end Maywaether was victorios and kept his unbeaten record which stands at 46-0 at the moment. Only questions is will he ever fight Manny Pacquioa ?

#2. Rocky Marciano (49 Fights – 49 Wins – 43 Ko’s)

the top boxers of America

Rocky Marciano one of the best professional boxers of his time the undefeated champion. He laid the foundation of modern boxing and pay per view events, started his career back in 1947 with a fight against Lee Epperson and defeated him with a knockout win. He went on top fight 49 times and win all of them which include 43 wins in knockouts.

#3. Ricardo Lopez (51 Fights – 50 Wins – 1 Draw – 38 Ko’s)

undefeated in his all boxing career Lopez

Ricardo Lopez is one of the greatest boxer Mexico has ever produced, Since making his debut back in 1985 he fought 51 times in his career and won completed his 50 wins, only setback in his career was a draw against Rosendo Alvarez in 1998. His 50 wins inlcude 38 knockouts.

#4. Packey McFarland (74 Fights – 69 Wins – 5 Draw) :

legend boxers of his time

Packey McFarland the legendary boxer from America. Born in in 1988 Packey McFarland became a professional boxer in 1904, He fought 74 times his career and won 69 fights and drawn the other 5 and retired in 1915 as undefeated throughout his career.

#5. Jimmy Barry ( 69 Fights – 59 Wins – `10 Draw – 39 Ko’s)

superb athlete in boxing
Born in 1870, this Irish-American boxer Jimmy Barry made his debut in 1891 and fought more around 70 fights in his career and won 59 fights. 10 of his fights finished in no-results keeping him undefeated in his career. he was inducted in International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2000 for his massive boxing achievements.

#6. Jack McAuliffe ( 36 Fights – 31 Wins – `5 Draw – 22 Ko’s)

best punch maker in boxing ring

Jack McAuliffe is another great Irish-American boxer, Famously known as “Napoleon of the Ring” being one of the toughest boxer to have ever lived, In his all 36 official professional fights he remained undefeated winning 31 and 5 draws to his name.

#7. Joe Calzaghe ( 46 Fights – 46 Wins – 32 Ko’s)

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The Welsh wizard Joe Calzaghe made his debut in October 1993 and got his first pro win against Paul Hanlon in the debut fight and after that he never looked back. He fought most of his fights in United Kingdom and his wins include against the likes of Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr. Although he is known widely for avoiding difficult fights.

#8 : Laszlo Papp ( 29 Fights – 27 Wins – 2 Draw – 15 Ko’s)

best boxer in Olympic's

László Papp hailed from european country Hungry and he made his name in professional boxing. He fought 29 times in his career and won 27 fights drawing only two and finished his short but successfull career being unbeaten, he is one of only 9 professional boxers who fought more than 25 times and remained unbeaten. He turned professional later in his career he also won 3 Olympics gold medals for his native country Hungary.

#9. Edwin Valero ( 27 Fights – 27 Wins – 27 Ko’s) :

he died but his record still unbrocken

The Venezuelan boxer Edwin Valero who get the nick name of El Terminator for his outstanding winning run in the boxing he got into the ring 27 time and came out the winner in all of this bouts and most incredibly knocked out every opponent he faced.

Its a great story though, before he turned professional boxer he had an accident on motobike which resulted in facture in the skull. So when he signed up for golden boy promotions and was scheduled to fight in US, he was denied license and could not fight at US soil. But he kept his professional career out of US before finaly returning to grace boxing in US. He was suspect of murder of his wife, arrested and he commit suicide in the cell by hanging himself.

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