Top 11 Greatest Cricketers of All Times

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Greatest cricketers of all times

Cricket is a game growing in sature and over the period of century cricket world has seen many great cricketers which made cricket the second most popular sport in the world. Today we are going to take a look at 10 of the greatest cricketers who ever lived. The list has to be controversial because its hard to select 10 players from ultimate legends of the game. But we stick to the usualy list and put together 10 greatest crickets and try to explain why the are up there.

#1. Sir Don Bradman

Cricketer Years Mat Ing NO Runs HS Avg 100’s 50’s Ducks
 DG Bradman  1928-42 52 80 10 6996 334 99.94 29 13 7

Australian batsman Donald Bradman evolved cricket in the 1930′ and 1940’s with his consistant performances throughout his 52 test matches and 14 year career. His career stats in batting are absolutely staggering with average of 99.94 he scored 6996 runs scoring 29 hundreds and 13 fifties. He is considered undisputed greatest cricketer of all times by the cricket media, analysts and the cricket players.

#2. Sachin Tendulkar

Format Years Mat Ing Runs HS Avg 100’s 50’s
 Test  Batting  1988-2013 200 329 15921 248* 53.78 51 68
ODI  Batting  1988-2013 463 452 18426 200* 44.83 49 96

Indian Legend who played test cricket from 1989 to 2013 has played more test matches than any other cricket and batting record books are full of his name. Tendulkar youngest player to score a test hundred, most hundred in career, most test runs are just a few records to his name and he won the ICC 50 over cricket world cup with India in 2011. He is considered as the best batsman in history of cricket and thats in all formates.

#3. Jacques Kallis

BATTING Years Mat Ing Runs HS Avg 100’s 50’s
Test Batting  1995-2013 166 280 13289 224 55.37 45 58
ODI Batting  1996-2013 325 311 11574 139 44.86 17 86
BOWLING Years Mat Ing Runs Wkt Avg Econ SR BB
Test Bowling  1995-2013 166 272 9535 292 32.65 2.82 69.2 9/92
ODI Bowling  1996-2013 325 283 8680 273 31.79 4.84 39.3 5/30

Records speak for itself, Kallis has been an ambassador of the game and he will always be remembered as the best all rounder of all times. He was a premier batsman and was more than just a handy fast bowler. He is only cricketer in the world with over 11,000 runs and 250 wickets to his name in both ODI and Test cricket.

#4. Gary Sobers

BATTING Years Mat Ing Runs HS Avg 100’s 50’s
 Test Batting 1954-74 93 160 8032 365* 57.78 26 30
BOWLING Years Mat Ing Runs Wkt Avg Econ SR BB
Test Bowling  1954-74 93 159 7999 235 34.03 2.22 91.9 8/80

Before Kallis Gary Sobers was regarded as the greatest all rounder to have played cricket. He only played 1 ODI in his career before he retired. Sobers was a geniun fast bowler and world class batsman who made the record of highest runs in 1 test inning of 365* which was later broke by Brian Lara in 1994.

#5. Wasim Akram

BOWLING Years Mat Ing Runs Wkt Avg Econ SR BB
Test Bowling 1984-2002 104 181 9779 414 23.62 2.59 54.6 11/110
ODI Bowling 1985-2003 356 351 11812 503 23.62 3.89 36.2 5/15

Pakistan faster bowler Wasim Akram is widely regarded as the greatest left arm fast bowler in the history of the cricket, he not only had control over line & length but he was master of reverse swing with sheer pace. Wasim Akram played both formates of the game in test and ODI and he was the first one to take 500 ODI wickets. He almost single handedly guided pakistan to 1992 world cup win finishing as the “best player of the tournament award”

#6. Ricky Ponting

Format Years Mat Ing Runs HS Avg 100’s 50’s Ducks
 Test Batting 1995-2012 168 287 13378 257 51.85 41 62
ODI Batting 1995-2012 375 365 13704 164 42.03 30 82

This is going to be a critical inclusion in the greatest cricketers of all times list, but Ricky Ponting had this winning mentality around him which made him the player he was. Played in 5 world cups winning three and making into the 4 finals, he always saved his best performances at the world stage. His career record as batsman and captain is not bad either.

#7. Viv Richards

Format Years Mat Ing Runs HS Avg 100’s 50’s Ducks
 Test Batting 1974-91 121 182 8540 291 50.23 24 45
ODI Batting 1974-91 187 167 6721 189* 47.00 11 45

The real master blaster, Vivian Richards tore bowlers apart in all parts of the world. Bowlers like Wasim Akram, Imran Khan regard him as the most talented batsman they have ever played against. Viv richards scored 189 runs in one ODI match and that record was later broke by Saeed Anwar in 1996.

#8. Shane Warne

BOWLING Years Mat Ing Runs Wkt Avg Econ SR BB
Test Bowling 1992-2007 145 273 17995 708 25.41 2.65 57.4 12/128
ODI Bowling 1993-2005 194 191 7541 293 25.73 4.25 36.3 5/33

When Shane Warne bowled that delivery to get the wicket of english batting mike gatting, everybody knew he is distend to be a great player. His was a bit short tempered but that kind of helped him take more wickets with his lofty leg spinners.

#9. Muttiah Muralitharan

BOWLING Years Mat Ing Runs Wkt Avg Econ SR BB
Test Bowling 1992-2010 133 230 18180 800 22.72 2.47 55.0 16/220
ODI Bowling 1993-2011 350 341 12326 534 23.08 3.93 35.2 7/30

Sri Lanka great was around for ages, he has taken most wickets in international cricket combined test and ODI, while he is also highest wicket taker in both formates. Murlitharan was part of sri lankan side which won the 1996 world cup pakistan and he won countless matches for his national team over the years. His bowling action was a bit controversial but that does not take anything away from what he achieved on the cricket fields around the world.

#10. Brian Lara

Format Years Mat Ing Runs HS Avg 100’s 50’s Ducks
 Test Batting 1990-2006 131 232 11953 400* 52.88 34 48
ODI Batting 1995-2007 299 289 10405 169 40.48 19 63

Probably the best stroke player in the history of cricket, broke the highest individual record in test innings twice, first when he scored 375 against England and than 400 against england. He also scored 501 runs in one innings in the county championship game. Brian Lara will always be remember as one of the greatest batsman to have played the game.

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