10 Greatest Swimmers in History of Olympics

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Greatest Swimmers of All Times

Swimming is one of the most high profile sport category in olympics and with many gold medals at stake for both men and women’s competition. We have seen some greats gracing the olympic games with their swimming skills and today we take a look at 10 of the best swimmers of all times.

#1. Mark Spitz – USA

Olympic Games Gold Silver Bronze
1968 Mexico City 2 1  1
1972 Munich 7

Ranked #33 on ESPN list of greatest athletes ever lived, Spitz was undisputed legend in swimming and when he represented USA in 1968 olympics he went on win two gold medals which was a disapointment. 4 years later he would come again and take Munich olympics by storm winning 7 gold medals and taking his tally to 9 medals in two olympics. He not only win the medals he set world records in 7 categories making him one of the greatest swimmer to have lived.

#2. Michael Phelps – USA

Olympic Games Gold Silver Bronze
2004 Athens 6  2
2008 Beijing 8
2012 London 4  2

Phelps is not only the greatest swimmer in the history of sport but he is the greatest olympian as well, he has the record for most gold medal wins in olympics with 18 gold medals to his name by participating in 3 olympic games. Phelps broke the previous record of winning most gold medals in single olympic event when he won 8 first place finishes in 2008 and broke the record of Mark Spitz who won 7 in munich olympics.

#3. Ian Thorpe – Australia

Olympic Games Gold Silver Bronze
2000 Sydney 3 2  2
2004 Athens 2 1  1

Australian controvertial Swimmer Ian thorpe burst on to the scene of olympics back in 2000 olympic games when he won 3 gold medals and two silver medals and at the age of just 18 many considered him for greater things in future but his Olympic 2004 camp did not go as planned with Michael Phelps putting up a real competition. But still Thorpe managed to win 2 gold medals.

#4. Aleksandr Popov – Russia

Olympic Games Gold Silver Bronze
1992 Barcelona 2 2
1996 Atlanta 2 3

Widely regarded as the greatest sprint swimmer, Aleksandr Popov participated in 1992, 1996 and 2000 olympics winning 4 gold medals and 5 silver medals. He also won many world championship gold medals in his long career. Once retired he worked in the olympic committe.

#5. Johnny Weissmuller – USA

Olympic Games Gold Silver Bronze
1924 Paris 3 1
1928 Amsterdam 2

A very verstaile american swimmer Johnny Weissmuller was virtualy undefeated in his entire career. He participated in 1924 and 1928 olympics and won 5 gold medals before he went into the movie scene and played “Tarzan” role in hit jungle movie. He also represented USA water polo team in 1924 olympic games and won bronze medal.

#6. Grant Hackett – Australia

Olympic Games Gold Silver Bronze
2000 Sydney 2
2004 athens 1  2

One of the greatest distance swimmer, aussie athlete Grant Hacket won gold in olympic 2000 and 2004 but his later career was hampered by drug scandal and controversies.

#7. Krisztina Egerszegi – Germany

Olympic Games Gold Silver Bronze
1988 Seol 1  1
1992 Barcelona 3
1996 Atlanta 1  1

Participated in three olympics games and she won 5 gold medals in total while her list of medals in world championships and other european events is countless. She is probably the greatest Hungarian olympian.

#8. Debbie Meyer – USA

Olympic Games Gold Silver Bronze
1968 Mexico City 3

Very first women to have won 3 gold medals in single olympic games, Debbie gave a new life to women participation in olympic games and she was inducted hall of famer in US Sports.

#9 Kristin Otto – Germany

Olympic Games Gold Silver Bronze
1988 Seol 6
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