10 Greatest “One Man Show” Goals in World Cup History

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Greatest world cup solo goals

FIFA world Cup is and has been the biggest competition in the world for best part of last century, and in couple of days time we will have World Cup 2014 getting underway in brazil. What makes World Cup competition so appealing and exciting is the fact best football players in the world grace the game of football in national pride which not only bring out the passion but also the best football of the highest level. There have been countless memorable goals scored in the world cup history and we take a look at 10 of the best solo effort.

DIEGO MARADONA Greatest World Cup Goal against England in 1986 world cup:

Yeah you have seen it millions time, Maradona scored two goals in this game against english side which are often refered as “beauty and the beast” First goal came with his memorable solo run from edge of his own half to beating 7 players and a keeper to score that worldie which will be hard to top while the other goal was “hand of god goal”

FRANZ BECKENBAUER Goal vs Switzerland in 1966 World Cup:

Beckenbauer is one of the greatest footballer player who has won the world cup as a player and a manager. In his playing days he was a centre back who could bomb forward and creat a goal or two. In 1966 world cup he scored one of the most memorable solo efforts taking the ball from his own half and scoring a superb goal.

ARCHIE GEMMILL (SCOTLAND) Goal vs Holland in 1978 World Cup:

Holland and Scotland has played many great games at world stage but in 1978 world cup scotish side stunned the world with their magnificent performance against dutch side and secured a superb win where Archie Gemmwill scored a superb solo effort.

DIEGO MARADONA goal against Beglium 1986 World Cup:

Maradona scored another gem of a goal in the same 1986 world cup when he picked the ball outside of the box and beat a few players before slotting home.

ROBERTO BAGGIO Goal vs Czechoslovakia in 1990 World Cup:

Itlaian grand Baggio has many great goals to his name but his most memorable effort came in 1990 world cup against czechoslovakia when he picked the ball in the left side of midfield, made a stunning run towards goal and beat a few players before slotting home a superb effort.

SAEED AL-OWAIRAN (SAUDI ARABIA) Goal vs Belgium 1990 World Cup:

Probably on par with Maradona’s goal against england, Saudi Arabia’s Saeed Al Owairan picked the ball in his own half and run the length of the pitch beating players left and right and poked the ball in beating belgium keeper.

PIERRE NJANKA-BEAKA (CAMEROON) Goal vs Australia in 1998 World Cup:

Cameroon player waved his way twisting and turning around defenders and scored a superb goal in french world cup 1998.

DENNIS BERGKAMP Goal vs Argentina in 1998 World Cup:

Bergkamp always played the game with sheer elegance and he scored a belter against Argentina in 1998 world cup when he control a difficult ball coming over his head, turned inside of the last defender before scoring outside with his foot against a very talented argentia side.

MICHAEL OWEN’s Goal vs Argnetina in 1998 World Cup:

18 year old Michael Owen made headlines duing 1998 world cup when he recieved a ball from Beckahm from the edge of his own half, ran down the length inside the boxing beating couple of players and unleashed a great shot to put England 1-0 ahead.

Which of the above goals is the best ?

have you seen any better efford ? do let us know in the comments below and shout out your favourite of the 10 goals given above.

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