Bolt Eye to treble hat-trick and 18 Seconds

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, April 21st, 2016 | 0

Bolt Eye to Treble hat-trick and 18 Seconds

After the Olympic Games in Beijing and then London Won the gold medal in all 3 events of sprint by Bolt at 100 miters, as well as the 200 meter and in relay . Usain Bolt want to retain the success run at Rio de Janeiro Olympics in August. If the Jamaican can do it for third time and he will be first sprinter in this world. This is the main target for the 29-year-old Bolt’s before retirement.

If all the other athletes they might say “record is not my thinking”. But when the name is Bolt. He said so directly, “retain the title that is my main goal to win the treble, basically my focus towards the record.”

Bolt want fulfill one more goals. Run under 19 seconds in 200 meters. The record timing on this event is 19.30 minutes. Which also hold by Bolt at Bard Nest in Beijing. Bolt optimistic, saying, “I really want to do it. Hopefully, everything will be fine, and I can do it. ”

Bolt’s time of retirement, however, refused to say in advance. Run at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and then London Championship at 2017.  What is the response of the body, it will take the decision to see.

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