Year of Bolt, Scandle as well?

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, December 26th, 2015 | 0

Come backs of Justin Gatlin, Usain Bolt continuing his greatness in track, Ashton Eaton’s world record in Decathlon, this is the summary of 2015 Athletics.  But the bigger event were happened outside of track, that was a shameless, Scandle. For the national involvement of doping Russia van from Athletics.

But in the year began a great competition by individually. Previous year Gatlin was in his best form. This American sprinter scored some good timing. If count timing the year is for Gatlin. The best 5 timing of the year is for him (9.24, 9.75, 9.75, 9.77, and 9.78). Other hand king of sprinter and track, can’t participates so much mite because of his injury. Before Beijing World Championship, Bolt’s best timing were 9.78.

But it did not make any effect to win the world championship gold at Beijing. He defeats Gatlin in the race after timing 9.79 but Gatlin also not too much far. He beat him only .001 second difference. After that Bolt also won Gold at 200 miter and allover Bolt is with most 11 Gold winner in World Championship so far and all 11 comes consecutively.

In this World Championship only one world record counted and that is for Decca Athletes Ashton Eaton’s. To break his previous world record, Aston have to run within 4 minutes and 18.25 second in his last event of 1500 meter run. And he complete this run within the mentioned time. And scored 9045 point’s new record.

British Athletes Mo Farah also continuing his winning in 5000 and 1000 miter run. As the first Athletes Farah won 2 consecutive world championship and one double in Olympic in the middle.

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