Problems Galore at Old Trafford & Man Utd home form is shambles

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 | 0

Manchester united problems galore old trafford news

Manchester United are struggling in the league big time and unless they win the champions league they wont be part of next years competition. United are currently sitting at the 7th place in the league with 51 points and just 7 games to go in the league. They are trailing 5 points to Tottenham who are currently 6th with 56 points while united are 17 points away from the league leaders. That is not acceptable if you have followed united only for last 20 years. They never finished below 3 in the league since 1992. But from Sir Alex to David Moyes is a big change and he needs time to fix the problems.

Surprise stat attack:

Untied are top of the league if we only count the away matches, that will come as surprise to many people. The problem for Moyes has been the home form where fear factor is no longer visible as teams travling to united are looking to win matches rather than getting away with a defeats.

manchester untied points table in premier league

Bayern Munich HighlightsUp Next Is European Champions Bayern Munich:

United have been drawn against Bayern Munich for the Champions League quarter final match and that is going to be a massive double header for United. Nobody and I mean nobody is giving them a chance against mighty Bayern who have already raped up the title in Germany while looking to build on their European campaign.

Players Are Not Motivated Enough:

When we talk about United has lost the fear factor at old trafford and look at their away from its confusing to know who is to blame, the manager or not really motivated players ? Robin Van Persie does not look happy playing for United, Nani and Young are most certainly know their future does not belong to Manchester next season. Vidic has already confirmed he will be leaving while Patrice Evra and Rio Ferdinand also know their fate.


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