Best Footballers Who Will Missed At World Cup 2014

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The biggest competition in the world and by far the most watched after olympics is FIFA world cup and this year it will be taking place in Brazil starting from 12th june, 32 teams with 726 players will be playing a part in 1 month competition and we will see some of the greatest footballers playing their last event, but there are a quite a few big names who will be missing either because their national team did not qualify or they are injured.

Lets take a look at World XI team of players who will be missing at the biggest competition in football and the ultimate honour to represent their country at world stage.

Best World XI of players missing at FIFA World Cup 2014

This is the lineup made of players who won’t be traveling to World Cup due to their country missed out on qualification.

Best players missing at FIFA World CUp 2014 2

  1. Petre Cech: He has played a couple of big events already but would have liked to finish of the career with another world cup appearence.
  2. Daniel Agger: Liverpool defender is having a great season with the club and alos played crucial role for denmark who missed out on qualification.
  3. Vidic: Big serbian is in the twilight of his career, but a still a handfull.
  4. Alaba: Young austrian is big part of Bayern Munich success, but he is young and surely his time will come.
  5. Piszczek: Polish right back is consistant starter for Borussia Dortmund.
  6. Eriksen: Tottenham midfielder is quality player and his national side narrowly missed out on qualification.
  7. Yermolenko: Ukrainian is hot property and many clubs will be looking to get his signature in summer, he could have add a few millions with his particiaption in world cup. quality player.
  8. Gareth Bale: The most expensive player transfer in the world, Bale is having a decent season with Real and he just like giggs might never play at world stage.
  9. Marik Hamsik: Another player who is playing for Napoli at the moment, has been on the world stage for while but will be missed at World Cup.
  10. Ibrahimovic: He is so good Sweden just released post stamps of his pictures, though he could not stop Ronaldo and co to dump them out of world cup in qualifying playoffs.
  11. Lewandowski: He had his best season with Dortmund in 2012-13 and now a player every club looking to buy. But he will be missed at World cup.


Injured Players Which Ruled Out Of FIFA World Cup

Rademal Falcao: The great colombian had couple of great years under his belt playing with Atletico, His move to Monaco was pretty decent as well. He is one of very high profile players who might miss the world cup through injury.

Sami Khedira: German internation got injured with cruciat knee ligament injury in november 2013, and although his national coach is optimistic he will be part of the squad, nothing is certain in this case. Khedira is very important player for Germany.

Theo Walcott: Very pacy english forward who can play on wings or in forward line, Walcott ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in january playing against tottenham. He is someone england could do very well with.

Guiseppe Rossi: Former Manchester United man Rossi has had very bad luck with injuries in his career. Just as you thought he is getting in grip with his injuries and proving a real handful for Fiorentina Rossi again got injured and will probably miss the world cup.

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