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by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Saturday, May 24th, 2014 | 15 suspended by pipcu london policeOne of the biggest free “sports streaming” site has been banned by City of London Police (PIPCU) in the early hours of this morning. This came as a big surprise as fron what I know of the site, its domain and server are registered and hosted in countries where one would thought this UK cryber police wont reach. But credit to PIPCU who managed to get their hands on one of the biggest sports streaming site ahead of the FIFA World CUp.

Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has been very busy this year as they have suspended some of the biggest streaming sites and a couple of months ago they took out a similar operations where they suspended sports streaming sites like and a few others.

The Reason Behind Suspension is Copyright infringing:

The reason behind the suspension is ofcourse to protect the Intellectual Property of companies concerned. Cricfree has always provided free live streams for almost all the big sporting events, be it Premier League, Formula 1, UFC or WWE stuff they had streaming for everything. but they are not the only site to get hit by PIPCU.

boxingguru, Nutjob and other similar sports streaming sites were suspended last month on 09th April and today PIPCU the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has ran a simrlar operation where they managed to get hold of a few streaming domains.

More Update Coming Soon: We will be posting more updated regarding this news, please check bakc later for more information, we might actualy have an interview with the team behind “”

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  • toocool

    as long as wiziwig is on people wont be effected coz cricfree use to be listed on wiziwig now they will be back on wiziwig with the new name no one will know.

    • Sameer

      they have already moved to skysport(dot)tv and cricfree(dot)eu

      • hieu dinh

        Thanks very much, Sameer. Have a good day.

        skysport(dot)tv works.

  • Wycliffe Sande

    Thanks Sameer. the skysport link is good and works

  • GoodEachWayBet

    at least those supremely anal mods can look at doing something more useful with their time. The jobless wonders created a ‘purer than white’ environment, banning anyone who even thought about swearing, and somehow forgetting that they were moderating an ILLEGAL streaming website

  • Wally

    ha ha brilliant well said,the dick heads of mods where on power trips big time,I got banned for pointing that out haha.

  • Sanjive

    I have to say of all the streaming sites on the web, cricfree has to be the worst, shame though as the owner seems a decent chap but the Mods he approves are just pure vermin scum, hypocrits of the highest order who need a good boot up the ass and I will collectively do it for whole of the UK and The US, the biggest cunt is called watcher13.

  • Sanjive

    A truly shocking site run by paedophiles and used as their paedo ring with the main culprit being watcher13. Society is better off without these scum and im happy the London Police are on to them. I hope the next subsequent DMCA takedown is adhered too soon. Viva La Revelution.

  • dontbefooledbycyberstalkers

    i hope folks realize that the wallies and “sanjives” of the world are fakes. i’m sure that cyberstalker picked sanjive because he wanted sympathy from u sameer. cricfree doesn’t like people who turn the chat into a troll fest. so bans them. of course the children whine and make false accusations. what would u expect? thanks for the article and update sameer. actually, all pipcu does is ask domain name hosts to redirect the site to the pipcu page. many, like easydns have ignored them. if folks remember, wiziwig was put out of business a couple of years ago. what did it last? a month maybe? pipcu just going after easy targets to get some pr and to make some rich and powerful friends and to get some more government money for the london police as a whole. and nutjob and boxing guru, likely the same person, made the mistake of operating within the london police’s reach. most sites of this type aren’t. hint, hint

    • Sameer

      totaly agreed !

      • dontbefooledbycyberstalkers

        thank u sameer. keep up the good work. interesting blog. now that i’ve found it, i’ll check it out in more detail

  • Nidia Brombley Olea

    phly wiziwing DOMAIN SEIZURE kro cricfree kod he big gi ge

  • Remove it

    This site is back on again but hopefully the police can once again see that it is removed.

    • Harkamal Singh

      It is banned again.

  • Matt

    Come on people you know the polices number keep pushing them to this vile site is removed again.

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