Brazil vs Colombia Preview Lineups Predictions (WC 2014)

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, June 29th, 2014 | 34

The first quarter final of 2014 world cup will be played between Brazil and Colombia on 4th July 2014 at Estadio Castelao in Fortalez kicking off at around 17:00 Local / 21:00 BST. Brazil will be hoping to stop inform Colombian side who undoubtedly been the best team of the competition so far.

Brazil world cup 2014 live stream highlightsColombia live stream

Brazil vs Colombia First Quarter-Final Match Preview:

World Cup hosts has been winning unconvincingly in the competition so far, their first game against Croatia was a lucky escape, Mexico held them to a 0-0 draw while they beat Cameroon 4-1 to get into the round of 16. Where Chile made all sorts of problems for a very shaky Brazilian defense and they had to dig deep in a game which went to penalties. Brazil of course held their nervous and managed to scrapped through to quarter finals winning on penalties by 3-2.

Colombia on the other hand has the breath of fresh air, James Rodriguez turned out to be a revealation for his side having scored 5 goals and currently sitting on top of the top scorer leaderboard. Brazil need to up their game if they were to reach semifinals.

Brazil live streamingBrazil Team News: Hulk and Fred need to step up as Neymar will be marked closely by Colombians, Fred has been the biggest disappointment and I expect Scolari to go with Neymar as a no.9 upfront with Hulk and Willian supporting him in attack.

ColombiaAs far as Colombia is concerned their front three players Rodriguez, Cuadrado and Jackson Martínez have been in top form and the kind of defense Brazil has shown I can see them scoring.

Possible Starting Lineups:

This is how I think both sides will lineup heading into the game, we will update this page with confirmed lineups before the kick.

Match Predictions:

In the Brazil-Chile game I predicted a tough game for Brazil but tipped them to win either in extra time or on penalties and that just because they are playing at home. Now this Brazil-Colombia game will be even more difficult for the hosts as Colombia are playing the best football in the competition. Brazil on the other hand are struggling to finish of their chances and looks a disaster waiting to happen at the back.

I am going with a another controversial victory for Brazil and I do think there will be goals and it might turn out to be a high scoring game.

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  • David Duryea

    This will be more challenging but I still see Colombia coming out ahead and edging out Brazil 2-1.

    • gggggggggggg

      shut up brazil will win and listen to the author

      • David Duryea

        I am…2-1 Colombia over Brazil..Have a nice day 🙂

    • Defense wins the cup

      I agree, because Luiz Gustavo saw the second yellow card and can not contribute in the quarter final. He is absolutly vital to the stability of the brazilian team. One of the few players next to Neymar, which cannot just be substituted by other players. I wonder, why this loss is not more in the center of public debates.

  • Gwopposaurus Rex

    I am very biased. Every vein in my body is desperately hoping for a Brazil win. The hosts have the task of Hercules in trying to win this World Cup on home soil and I am waving on the Samba bandwagon.
    Chile-Colombia-Germany/France + winner of the other group. I would say Brazil has the hardest road to glory but I know they will find a way.

  • kneggir

    Mexico will win the world cup hands down, no questions about it.

    • King Watson

      Lmao where’s Mexico now?

    • posted

      They already lost

  • JayArr

    I predict Colombia is going to beat Brazil by more than 3 goals, and is going to be hard to watch for the locals to see their team perish in their own soil… The Colombian offensive has been spot on, while the Brazilian defense has been less than perfect. If they allow James Rodriguez or Juan Cuadrado a little room on their side of the pitch, that ball is going in!

    • King Watson

      All I have to say is History repeat itself once again, Brazil is a nightmare for Columbia. Check their stats. Columbia was supposed to win against, Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan. They did well against a short ended Uruguay but let’s face it, there’s no team that want to play Brazil specially Columbia after what Brazil has done to them in the last 25 games. Brazil win 3-1

      • Natalia

        Can you please spell it right. Is COLOMBIA for gods sake.

        • King Watson

          Columbia, Columbia, Columbia, Columbia… smh

      • AbelR

        Argentina was supposed to beat Colombia in Buenos Aires in Copa America 2003 and what happened? Colombia beat the crap out of them 5-0.

        You’re right, History repeats itself. Colombia is going to beat the locals 5-0. :-p

        ..and get it right, it is COLOMBIA!

        • King Watson

          See Argentina is not Brazil, and Brazil beat the crap out of them both losers anyway.

        • King Watson

          In the last 20 games Colombia played against Brazil, please tell me how many times they won…I’ll tell you, the Colombians won 1 out of 20 so that’s very consistent don’t you think?

        • King Watson

          Hey Abelr tell me something more recently instead of what colombia did to Argentina 11 yrs ago.. Really!

  • Brazilian Fan

    Hoping for Brazil must beat Columbia. Scolari knows what pattern to play against Columbia

  • Raquel

    Arriba Colombia, they’re the champions, they going to beat Brazil. Colombia 2 – Brazil 1

  • Andrew

    Prediction: COL 2 BRA 1 with the Brazilians scoring their only goal in the last 15 min of the match. The Colombians have been performing with unequivicated dominace and up until this point, without any significant faults. Brazil has had to resort to luck in several circumstances and I believe in this upcoming match Brazil will be exposed. Brazilian defense will be strong to prevent a high scoring game.

  • Alejandra

    Colombia will win. Have you not seen them playing or? Brazil always depends on neymar & yes he is an excellent player but our team actually plays as a TEAM. they do not just depend on James, we have cuadrado, James, yepes, etccc oh & the goalie? AMAZING. I say 3-1 in favor of Colombia. Que viva Colombia! #Colombia2014

  • laurence balinguit

    it will be hard for brazil win over columbia, or it might be columbia to steal the win from brazil

  • Ganesh Yadav

    The host should end this match inside 90 minutes, otherwise thing gonna wrong

  • King Watson

    Brazil win 3-1 & look at the teams Columbia played Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan. The only strong team they’ve played against is Uruguay who played without their best striker and arguably one of the best striker in the world, Brazil is a better team than those 4 teams. History repeat itself once again, Columbia only beaten Brazil 2 times in the last 25 games. One more thing the last time Brazil lost against Columbia was in 1991 so good luck with your predictions that Columbia is going to win.

    • Angelina Ronalda Diaz

      OMG SPELL Colombia well pleaseeeeeee jajajajaja

      • King Watson

        Lol… stop crying

  • Favian

    King Watson your a morron you say Colombia had an easy road but beat them convinsingly. As for Brazil a team of stars should of done the same dont you think? they tied Mexico a team who barely got into the world cup if it wasn’t for the USA and needed a B.S penalty call to go ahead of Croatia. So i dont know who you are trying to fool but Brazil is not the same team they once were. Colombia wins 2-0.

    • King Watson

      I agreed with you that Brazil is not the same team they were, and they should have done better against Mexico but let’s face it. Not to take anything away from Colombia, but Mexico is clearly a better team than Colombia on the field. In the last 32 games Colombia played against Mexico they only won 8 and Mexico beat them 14 times, so I want everyone to know that Colombia’s journey is ending tomorrow. Back in 2002 Brazil was the favorite team to win it all but look how they were struggling and look what happened at the end. They won it all, at this stage Brazil is lethal, go back to 1994, 1998, 2002 and even 2010. Remember the Copa America final, no one picked them to win against a dangerous Spain, Brazil had an advantage they were playing at home. My point is their stars always show up when the team needs them. Brazil win 3-1.

  • King Watson

    I see a lot of people picking Colombia to win at this stage against Brazil, specially at home. Open your eyes people Colombia is not going to the final, Brazil is going to the final. If you think what happened against Chilie is going to happen again, you’re dreaming. This game is ending in 90 minutes with Brazil up 3-1 or more goals. Brazil time to have gone home was against Chilie in the 118th minutes.

    • Lauryn

      Brazil’s team right now it’s the worst they’ve had in a world cup. They don’t deserve to win. They won over Chile just by luck. And by the way, since 2002 Brazil and Colombia have tied and in their last encounter Brazil already had Neymar. So I wouldn’t be so sure about them winning.

  • King Watson

    Brazil will be waiting for Netherland in the Semifinal, we all remember what happened in 2010, and I can’t wait to see that rematch. It will be a massacre.( Hahaha)

  • King Watson

    Chile was a better team to play against Brazil than Colombia, if you’re a Colombia’s fan. You’d be much happier to play Chile than Brazil. If I was a Colombia’s fan I’d be hoping for a miracle tomorrow. I’ll be missing a key player( Luis Gustavo) but Brazil have enough fire power to embarrasse Colombia, like always. Oops

  • xDD

    brazil will do 3-5-2 i guess

  • Angelina Ronalda Diaz

    Brasil has seen almost daily protests and strikes over USA 11 billion expensive of the world cup . critics said the money should be used in health , education , transportation , now lol BRASIL win OR BRASIL .win ..or this country will be fucked up , police has disperse since yesterday …Colombia can have a good team ,clean team , young team , one of the best ,but Brasil has now this big social-economy issue which in other words ,is a way to help them to bet Colombia …all this info does not come from me lol it comes from the news papers from Brasil ….Que viva Colombia !!!!

  • King Watson

    What I said? Respect for the world champions, they took care of business as expected & good bye Colombia.

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