Bolt wanted to see Who will in his place!

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 | 0

Ostrova, Czech Republic, Golden Spike Meet, Usain Bolt will be in the ninth and final Golden Spike on Wednesday. Run at 100 meters sprints in Czech city. At the beginning of the last European meet of eight Olympic and 11 World Championships gold medalist. The best runners in the world’s history is going to end in August with London’s world championship.

Still do want to see if anyone can lose. He know, can not done. Want to see more, who can take his place after he leaves? Usain Bolt is an amazing name after stepping into the world court. He is the fastest man in the world. As Superman. Who is able to defeat him?  Along of others always are far behind of him! Now the race that will run is the last race.Bolt Do not be afraid to lose? Bolt said with a smile, “My coach always pulled out a way. I’m not worried. ‘But one of those curiosity works inside it. Do not want to see right now who can surpass him. Maybe it seems that nobody will ever come out to surrender to him. But when he is not there anybody will take his place. But who is he?  ‘It will be thrilled to see who took my place, who is the Olympic champion in the 100 and 200 meters of the next.’ Bolt said, ‘Many young people are coming out. But it would be exciting to show who became the champion.

Bolt is not indifferent to the words. Funny people. But every one have to stop. how it feels? Bolt said, ‘My every meeting will be emotionally now. I know this is my last contest. This is emotional season. ‘ There will be another sure run after the tournament in Bolt’s Monaco 21 July Diamond League match. Jamaican speedboat is not sure about any other race before the World Championship.

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