Argentina vs Holland Preview Lineups & Predictions (WC 2014)

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, July 6th, 2014 | 84

Gonzalo Higuain goal vs Belgium was enough to get Argentina a 1-0 win over Belgium and put them in the Semifinals first time after 1990 world cup, Holland on the other hand had to dig deep and keep their composur in the game against Costa Rica to win the game on penalties. Van Gaal put his authority with Inspired Tim Krul substitution for penalties. Next up we have a mouth waterning contest between Holland vs Argentina in the second Semifinal.

Holland 2014 world cup live stream highlightsArgentina live stream 2014 world cup

Short Match Preview & Team News:

Argentina disposed off a very talented highly rated Beglium side in the quarter finals with a narrow 1-0 win, with a goal coming from Gonzalo Higuain in the first half. Lionel Messi had another good game although he failed to score but his overall contribution is massive for this Argentina side. Holland on the other hand had to win on penalties against a very stubborn Costa Rica side who refused to give up after Holland’s late surge for the game in normal time. First 70 minutes were dull but boy the game exploded after 70 minute mark with Holland creating chance after chance and Costa Rica just hang in there. Watch Live Streaming of Argentina vs Holland

Watch Argentina matches liveArgentina Team News: Angle Di Maria is a doubt for Holland clash which will be on 9th July he suffered a nasty injury which might keep him out of the semifinals. Apart from that Messi and company did not get any major injury in the belgium game. Sergio Aguero should be fit for the semifinal clash and he might start alongside Messi and Higuain.

Holland Live StreamingNetherlands Team News: Jasper Cillessen will surely start in goal for Holland even though he was replaced by Tim Krul at the start of Penalty shootout against Costa Rica. While Nigel De Jong is still a doubt to start in the semifinal which means Georginio Wijnaldum might keep his place in the central midfield role.

Possible Starting Lineups Holland vs Argentina:

Even if Aguero is fit he might start from the bench while in case Di Maria’s cant make it to the semifinals we might see Enzo Perez playing in central midfield role.

Match Predictions:

Holland have been playing with 5-2-3 formation in the world cup so and lately Dirk Kuyt played as right full back and Van Gaal might go with the same system as this has proven quite fruitful so far. Argentina on the other hand depend massively on Lionel Messi and this might just be his year to lead his team to glory.

Argentina has played brilliantly as a defensive unit in the last two knockout games keeping two clean sheets and if they can repeat that against Holland surely Messi can get them a goal or two. I like Holland and they are treat to watch going forward with Robben running circles around defenders (Robben is the fastest footballer in the world) and he has been the best player in the world cup by far. It is pretty much a Messi-v-Robben game and who ever come on top will lead his team to 2014 finals.

Looking at the performance of both teams in the world cup so far, I think Holland are slight favourites but I am going with a Argentina win and a Brazil vs Argentina final (That will be epic). What you think of this semifinal clash ? who you think can win this and why, let us know in the comments below.

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  • Julian

    Argentina world champions

    • robin

      argentina will win the world cup

    • john

      not with the way they have played
      the have not yet faced a decent strong team- with belgiums they were time wasting every opportunity they got- they dont deserve it

      • sarasa

        you don’t watch a lot of football, do you?

    • Timothy F. McCloud

      No probably not

  • Sebastian

    I agree. Argentina to beat Netherlands with composed team play and inspiring goals from Messi and Higuain. It will be a heated battle, but let’s go Argentina! Don’t lose faith!

  • robin

    netherlands vs germany final…history will be rewritten at maracana..

    • Robin Tamrakar

      final will b argentina vs germany =3-2
      rem 1986 wc

  • bastian varghese

    nederland will beat argentina 2-0

    • Robin Tamrakar

      no argentina will beat holland 3-0

      • john

        how ? they have not scored more than 2 goals in any game lol

        • Lulz

          They scored 3 against Nigeria, dumbfuck :3

        • sarasa

          lol, for god’s sake, either watch the games or shut the fuck up, you dimwit. ARG 3- NIG 2

      • bill s

        holland will win 1.0 at full time also they will win world cup

      • blah


      • bill s

        holland 6 argentino 0

  • Dolly

    Holland had difficulty finishing a goal against Costa Rica and only scored at 88th minute against Mexico.
    This time they return to Group Stage form and get past Argentina as in 98.

  • Danny

    Netherlands vs Germany in finals

  • Danie

    Argentina will be the world cup champion

    • sam


  • Koen Zoontjens

    Of course those duthies will surprise everybody again and win. Van gaal most likely has some extra tricks up his sleave. And robben is twice the messi on this tournament.

  • Sukhman

    Argentina vs Germany where Argentina would win.


    Germany Vs Holland in the final

  • Robin Tamrakar


  • Sunny

    it’s Argentina man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zaq

    tahun ni argentina yang akan jadi juara dunia..
    argentina 2:1 netherland

  • eshahrudin

    This will be the best chance for the Argentinians to beat Netherland and claim the world cup after 28 years since their last win in 1986……Forget Dutch courage….the Dutch will end up as Dutch Lady and Dutch Baby………No more Oranje but a pityful sour orange juice….hi…..hi….hi……..
    Messi, Higuain and Aguero will tear the Dutch apart

    • Diego Khan

      Fucking wanker, what à dumb ass you are. remember the Falklands,pathetic losers they were…..dutch courage will blow them of the pitch..hi..hi..hi….WTF….sounding like e real dont cry for me Evita Perron dickhead!

  • Mike Miguel Pappolla

    FYI, last year Argentina beat both, Germany and Holland in friendly matches. Two key players in those matches (Tevez and Di Maria) will not be there. So all bets are off.

  • shihab

    It may be a repeat of 1986 world cup..

  • Riz Aziz

    I wish the Argentinian players the best of luck and i hope they beat Netherlands…

    I am hoping for a Germany- Argentina match…

    what a final that would be 🙂

  • Aryán Bïn

    In-sha-ALLAH ArgenTina wouLd be world champions 3:)

  • from korea

    in from the future. the final is germany vs. argentina and argentina has won their 3rd world cup. bye.

  • Jolie

    Netherland will win 2-1 argentina is good but lately they havent played as expected I hoped for 2-0with belgium and they only scored one and its proven that netherland coach has many tricks and analyzes everything I do believe they have a bigger chance than argentina

  • http://FIFA.COM Yogesh Gupta

    Surely, I will like the final between A & B.

  • Aamz

    yes 🙂 Ned is best

  • akmal azhar

    brazil vs holland final!!!we will win without neymar

  • ManUtd Harcore

    It should be a Ger vs Arg Final….

  • jack louis

    it is brazil.

  • SG

    Will bet on Argentina to go to finals since they are slowly getting on to their best rhythm & we have seen glimpses of it during the Belgium match. If Argentina plays to its potential then Holland will have hard time defending. Argentina just need to contain Robben & the rest will fall in place.
    Looking forward for a BRASIL VS ARG FINAL & ARG lifting the cup.. Just a word of caution to ARG : Holland has a better record head to head in World Cup against Argentina but overall Argentina has more wins against Holland. So Argentina need to better the world cup record now..

    • Kaiser

      Holland vs Germany. Holland is playing well, has more star players. Have not been lucky with their goal attempts. Van Gaal, who is this guy??? This guy is an amazing coach!! Holland Argentina 2-1 or 2-0

  • Ganesh Yadav

    It’s tough to predict who will win but Netherlands looks pretty good side but Argentina won’t to make easy for them. Netherlands 1-0 Argentina in ET. thanks for sharing a great article for us! Keep sharing. wish u success!

  • To the Unnamed idiot

    No, YOU ARE stupid because in a game where two competitive teams play, you give an outrageous prediction and call others names when they dont agree with you. If your score line of 5-0 does not happen, please tattoo STUPID on your arse.

  • Rock

    @Danny – we’re sorry to see that you’re blind, grow up man

    • JCH2014

      He isn’t blind man, u r. We have come so close to the World Cup so, many, times. This time it’s Hollands turn. Also Brazil is Neymarless and Thiago Silva isn’t playing.

      • Rock

        I agree that Holland is one of the best teams and they are my second favorites as well, but comment from Danny is too childish as he can’t understand Arg tactics this time. I think you too will agree that Arg played excellent football in 2006 and 2010 (except for the German semi), but they couldn’t lift the cup with that too much attack strategy. So, this time, Arg have been cautious and calm, they might not be as deadly as they used to be when considering attacking, but their defense was excellent in last two matches and we’re improving by every match. so, watch out for us!

  • Grizzly21

    Things need to be put in perspective, Netherlands had nearly 8 shots on goal against Costa – Rica, it was only due to a amazing performance from their goal keeper that they managed to keep the dutch from scoring. Top strikers in their line up includes Robben, Sneijder, Huntelaar and Von Persie…although the latter is not in top form. Match this against Argentina who only has Messi that is in form….

    My prediction 2-0 for Oranje to win Argentina and go on to the final.

    • typically

      15 shots on goal, vs. 3 for Costa Rica…

  • Eliane

    Germany Vs Holland in the final

  • Sameap

    The Argentine squad is no TEAM, relying too much on Messie, unfortunately they will miss their best teamplayer Di Maria. Holland is a solid team and has more players who can make the difference. The Dutch team has proven to be strong fysically and mentally, besides they are better skilled tactically. Holland will win anyhow.

    • alguien

      HAHAAHAHA: Messie AND Di María the TEAM PLAYER, Godammit you people need to watch more football or shut the fuck up

  • bill s

    holland will win 1.0

  • pynshaibor .

    brazil vs argentina 1-2

  • jake

    fifa has fixed this world cup to argentina vs brazil in final from day 1.
    like uefa is trying to have a clasico in champions leauge every year.

    • Sameer

      TV audience will be doubled for “Brazil vs Argentina” final than any other final. but i think if FIFA could control these kind of things they would avoid arg-bra final. Imagine Argentina winning against Brazil in the final, there will be riots and possible killings.

  • Laszlo

    Netherlands finally will win the World Cup, They have to, they are the best tea, of this tournament.

  • Krokinho

    I believe the Dutch have played the best football thus far from the 2.
    Against Costa Rica they deserved a goal (or 2) but Costa Rica defended with 10 players which made it way to hard to score.
    I think Argentina also wants to play attacking football, so the Dutch attackers get way more space to make fantasic attacks and besides this, the Argentinian goalkeepes is less skilled compared to Casillas and Neuer, so I’m afraid that the Dutch will win 3-2. Since Messi and Higuain are very skilled players and will score for sure. But they are not as skilled as the complete Dutch attackers

  • bill s


  • ronin

    Maybe 10:0? Hahahaaa

  • JP

    According my analysis The Netherlands Vs Germany will be clash…in the final…..

  • Sameap

    Interesting discussion on other blogs about Messi vs Robben. I’m wonder if Messi is a bit overrated. He performed so well with FC Barcelona because of his team-mates, like Iniesta and Xavi. In his national team it’s a way different. Besides of that, otherwise like great former Dutch players e.g. Gruyff, Gullit, Van Basten and ….Robben, he’s not the kind of player that makes the team play better.
    BTW: more or less the same situation with Neymar and his national team.
    So, if the cross bar and goal posts are not Romero’s friends on wednesday, I guess 4-1 for Holland and Holland will take revenge on Germany on sunday. Enjoy the matches, folks!

  • dreamer

    Argentina will win. 3 to 1

  • dreamer

    Argentina and Germany in championship game..Argentina wins 4-2

  • Joe

    The balls are bouncing Argentina’s way. Just check their goals in this WC, Switzerland hitting the post, Messi scoring at the end, it all started with a own goal by Bosnia defense, Messi ball hitting the post and going in, Di Maria missing the pass to Higuain – defletion turned into an assist…etc…etc.. They got an easy draw, great logistics. They have the luck of a team whose destiny is the title.

  • Harkint

    I think the Tango team will apply the False-9 strategy which Messi had been very successful in Europe. The Oranye team will be trapped in Tango’s trap easily since I think the Oranyes are not too familiar with it. Tango 2 – 0 Oranye.

    Mean time, I am not too optimisticwith the Samba team without Neymar and Silva, but I stil put Samba 1 – 0 derPanzer.

    So final will be all Latin finale, Samba vs Tango.

  • Soumya Ranjan Sahoo

    look the answer is simple, for a brazil vs germany clash , the team which maintains a good composure and come up with a play making strategy seals it all, both the team on paper lack genuine strikers , eyes definitely will be on hulk and muller , definitely it is not going to be a high scoring match, a goal will seize the game! will pick up a brazil this game , while contrary to this is the dutch and argentine battle , this is gonna be a huge one, clear favorites :argentina. Reason, have a pretty okay defensive line up , can handle a pressure play, while the dutch defense looks quite fragile, messi breaks through and he will find a net for sure!.
    prediction this end: BRAZIL vs ARGENTINA!

  • Victor

    It is time for Holland. And I think Robben will deliver a very narrow win vs Argentina

  • Anthony H. Ghezavat

    Netherlands 2 : Argentina 1
    Germany 1 : Netherlands 0 for the finals

  • Callum The Octopus

    Holland to win 1 million to nil over Argentina

  • Eugenio

    Holland fans) I am sorry to disappoint you( but your team nothing but the bunch of kids compare to Argentina professionals! Argentina wins that game easily))) Viva Argentina!

  • Dee

    I’m banking on Aguero as justaddedhim to my dream team for the semi finals, after the tragic (not so much an accident!) loss of the amazing Neymar. ( get well soon!)
    My opinion is it will be a Argentina v Brazil which would be an amazing game (fight to the end) and a great end to the World Cup Games.

  • Trinity

    Argentina in the 3rd position, Netherlands Runner Up and I see the Cup in Berlin for Celebration!!!

  • jack trinity

    Argentina in the 3rd place, Hollands Runner Up and I see the in Berlin for grand Celebration!!!

  • nishin

    argentina world champion

  • nishin

    worldcup winner argentina

  • jay878

    your prediction is a joke!!! You pick brazil and argentina wrong about brazil and wrong about argentina also

  • Friso

    Nederland – Duitsland in de finale.

  • Marianne Bailey

    Well Brazil is certainly out. I hope Holland wins against Argentina and the two last teams are European

  • Sth Pramesh

    Argeintina have to bring di maria n sergio on the ground to win this match with holland otherwise no chance
    sure holland will win

  • Kumar

    It will be Argentina who is going to lift the world cup 2014.

  • Zahirul Baharin

    The time has come for Holland to be the WC CHAMPION after heartbreak defeats in 1974,1978 & 2010.cheerio the ORANGE team.

  • simon

    Either way if holland wins this game, they’re gonna have to face off against germany. It’s gonna be a hard game for both of them. But seriously? 5-0 argentina? 6-0 holland? In your dreams!! It’s gonna be close.

  • tom

    netherlands is gonna win, 3-2 to netherlands

  • tom

    in ur dreams

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