Argentina v Germany Preview Lineups Predictions (2014 Final)

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Thursday, July 10th, 2014 | 85

Argentina joined Germany in the final of 2014 FIFA World Cup which will be taking place on Sunday, 13th July 2014, both teams reached final after contrasting victories in semifinals. Germany outclassed, outplayed, outsmart and #outeverything Brazil with their record breaking 7-1 win while Argentina had to dig deep and keep them themselves composed in the penalty shootout to book their place in the final of 2014 world cup. Here is a short preview and predictions.

Argentina live stream 2014 world cupGermany live stream 2014 world cup

Match Preview and Team News:

Germans were relentless against Brazil in the semifinal and they had to luxury of resting their best defender (Mats Hummels) as Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker replaced him after Germany had taken 5-0 lead at the break. There are no major injury or fitness issues with German side and we can safely assume that Joachim Loew will go with unchanged lineup from the semifinals.

Argentina on the other hand had to go all the way to penalties, but on the basis of performance in the first 90 minutes they were the deserving winners. They had more shots on goal (4) compared to Holland’s just 1. Alejandro Sabella will be happy with Sergio Aguero performance as he get some playing time after 16 days out through injury, he might replace Higuain in the starting lineup for the German final. World Cup 2014 Final Match Live Stream

Expected Starting Lineups of Germany-Argentina:

Germans are likely to go with unchanged lineups while we can expect couple of changes in Argentina lineups with fit again striker Aguero making a claim while Di Maria’s fitness is a doubt. But we will update on it in the coming couple of days.

Germany vs Argentina Final Predictions:

Back in november-december 2013 when the group stage draw was made, I wrote this world cup bracket prediction post, where I predicted a Argentina-Germany final. I called it a destiny and quite a few of my early predictions of how the knockouts will go were true.

I predicted the final two teams but not the winner because its so hard to go against Germany, at the time I believed Germany has the best and most balanced squad, Argentina on the other hand has 10 good players and Lionel Messi, Who in my opinion is destined to win atleast 1 world cup.

I think Germany had better performances under their belt in this world cup compared to Argentina, who relyed big time on Messi in the first few games but they are playing as a unit now. Their defense specialy has improved alot as the tournament went along. Germans are the leading goalscorers of this world cup while Argentina are so hard to score against as they did’n concede a single goal in any of the three knockout ties and kept 4 cleansheets in 6 matches played so far.

So as far as my predictions for the final are concerned I can see both teams scoring and I am going with a 2-1 win for Argentina in normal 90 minutes. What you think of the the final and world cup so far ? who has been the best team ? who will win the world cup 2014 and why ?

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  • chris

    I stongly support argentina

    • Armani Bobs

      Adolf Hitler Soul has arrived in Germans so be careful .

      • Shalom

        Yeah, Idiot

    • NvD Cheema

      German Army
      Messi Missile
      U Know
      One Missile is Enough
      For Whole Army 🙂

      • Moobeat’s Son


  • Jerwin

    Argentina will surely win because they have unorthodox rhythm which is much very contrast with how germans play the ball

  • Karan Kumbhar

    I think Germany will win 3-1

    • Moobeat’s Son

      i think argentina 2-1

  • Mlle

    are you kidding? Germany has this in the bag. Argentina is good, but they’re nothing compared to Germany. judging by performances thus far, the only real team Argentina has faced is the Netherlands and they won on a penalty shootout. Germany just keeps scoring and scoring at every game (they tied against, Ghana, but that was basically their weakest point). Germany is the obvious victor in this tournament. Argentina are the underdogs here. I will give them one goal, tops, and it’ll be after Germany has scored AT LEAST one.
    also, let’s not forget ARG’s 4-0 loss against GER in the last WC.

    • roshan

      will see…………a moment of brilliance by messi will change the game………..germany face underformed portugal ghana usa algeria france n brazil.argentina face bosnia iran nigeria switzerland belgium and dutch..its even opponents…………..i think argentina will win 1-0…………their defence is very improved

      • Moobeat’s Son

        of course it will

      • Mlle

        1-0 for germany…posslby 2-1.

    • Rick

      you are really a very important idiot , Argentina was the only team whit all games wins in the wc , if germany is really good , why loose whit Francia ??? , for the same reason , the next mach whit Argentina , Argentina Champion of the world 2014

  • Armani Bobs

    Who so ever work hard deserve to win

  • mel

    2-0 for Germany

    • Moobeat’s Son


    • YOUSIF

      Argentina will win 2-1 germany are strong but not strong as Argentina . GOOD LUCK ARGENTINA

  • Ali Hassan Virk

    no doubt messi is a world class player but its germany to win the world cup guys.

    • Mlle

      messi hasn’t scored against teams that are way below germany’s level. he is tired at this point. i honestly cannot see him being too much of a threat for the germans. messi, a world-class player, cannot single-handedly beat an army of great players. it’s a team sport, and germany is a far stronger team than argentina.

      • ushio chan

        true that, maybe he is saving his best for last. maybe he is afraid of injury, if all people stop fucking and kicking him on the pitch maybe he would run more. if people stop pushing him down because he is short, hard tackling him maybe he would play more ,he would run more, he needs respect.

        all the teams out there always placed 3 defenders around messi to contain him, yet he scored. if germany waste 3 players on messi , mind you argentina are fast. german defense will crumble like against algeria, except with world class strikers so anyhing can happen

        • Mlle

          of course they are going to do whatever is necessary to stop messi, whether it be tripping him, kicking him, whatever…just b/c he is messi, doesn’t mean they should be more respectful toward him. because that sounded like your logic and it is very flawed.

  • Ali Hassan Virk

    after the consecutive 3 semis GERMANS now deserved the cup

    • ayaz

      i think so

  • Sir Bobby

    i wish argentina to win..but they wont…its germanys destiny to win this one…but ill be more than happy to see messi win atleast 1 world cup..

  • TD

    Best wishes for MESSI in his battle with MULLER


    In latin american soil a latin american country have a chance

    • jake

      I do not see the logic.

      • Mlle

        history, apparently. but too much has changed. a lot of historic moments in this world cup, and the Final will add another additional one.

  • Tahir Khanzada

    I Have predict on tweet 4 day ago about final will play Germany vs Argentina, I am not agree that final goes to Argentina. Its time to Germany

    • Rick

      forget it , argentina win , you and nobody can´t do about

  • shakeel ahmad

    Shakeel ahmad
    its really difficult to decide which team is favourite because if german has great muller,aggressive klose and young blood then we cannot deny the match winner messy who can change the result of match at his day.

  • tasd

    germany will win 3-0 or 4-0

    • Moobeat’s Son

      no way

  • Selvan

    Oh Yeah, Argentina are the 2014 World Cup Winners

  • Mansooe Shahzad


  • ArgentinaRocks

    This is my final wish:I want argentina to win.

  • ArgentinaRocks

    If argentina loses then im going to explode

  • ArgentinaRocks

    i hope argentina wins

  • John

    4-2 Germany

  • b khilji

    Argentina can win but favorite is Germany.

  • Franz

    Germany has a deeper bench and the most world class players, so it’s their game.

    • Moobeat’s Son

      so who’s messi?

      • Tony

        the guy whom payed 4 years ago with the same team 😉

  • hera

    germany please win this one.

  • mori

    I hope Argentina win

  • German Fan

    This is madness! Germany all the way! Germany 3-1 without needing Extra Time.

  • yami


  • jimmy

    Germany is going to rip Argentina a new arsehole

    • Rick

      hey , please come to Argentina one day , i m waiting for you to show the way how do RIP some people here , for get about it , Argentina win ,

    • Remmy P

      It also might turn the other way round, not the way you think, cos you are not one of the Germany players but the one that begging to fulfill your wishes for Germany. sorry if that wasn’t happen.

  • Joe Cace

    Argentina had learned their lesson 4 years ago. Furthermore, they have seem Germany tactics to close up match earlier to haunt opponents. This will not work in the final. Of course, Germany is a better side on paper but you will never know what will happen until the final second. I hope Argentina to be the top this time.

    • Mlle

      i don’t think sabella is a good enough coach to train them against the tactics of germany.

  • Riz Aziz

    Argentina to win the worldcup…

    we can say what we like… but at the end of the day it all comes up the players and their preformance on that day.

    no one predicted the score line aganist brazil…

    maybe things will be different…

    I think Argentina has the capibility to suprise us all… and shut out all the haters out there…

    Argentina all the way…

    Good luck to Messi and the boys!

    Play as a team a unit and Argentina will win it

  • Jessica

    I’m a german fan 4 the longest while…an i really want victory!! No doubt about it argentina is a good side but my husband an brother was supporting brasil i had 2nd thoughts about that game but germany proved their selves my husband an brother want germany 2 loose only bcuz….but lets prove them wrongs guys…it’s gonna b a game game sunday…cross ur fingers fellow germans lol

    • Moobeat’s Son

      u won’t win anyways cause the pope francis is at our side not urs

    • Imran Kazi, Karachi-Pakistan

      No doubt Germans are good as a team. But I will go with your haboo n bro my dear.

  • Baoloo Ching Poh

    I support Germany almost 16 years …May God bless Germany, I pray pray pray…

  • Germany all the way

    Germany is gonna win with Müller scoring a hatrick and winning the the World Cup trophy with the golden boot.

  • Marion Hampton

    How can you bring politics into this Mr. Armani Bobs .. you better watch out before they get you for slander..only the best team will win and this will be because they are the best!!!

  • Marion Hampton

    Germany will win by a long shot..!

  • Moobeat’s Son

    Argentina will win obviously cause the germans don’t have messi, di maria, lavezzi, higuain, mascherano… they may have klose or muller but argentina will win for sure with a 2-1 or 1-0 or maybe penalties

  • Christy

    Definitely GERMANY! 2-1

  • Tony

    they had messi 4 years ago and porugal had ronaldo 3 weeks ago 😉

  • Dietrich

    Let me borrow a line from Gary Lineker, an England skipper, and his definition of football: ‘There are two teams playing football, each team has 11 players, they run, they strike, but in the end Germany always wins.’

    That pretty much sums it up. #GER

    • Remmy P

      Yeah, but in the end it will be different as Germany not always wins. that could also sums it up for all of you guys. because they might can’t be able to run or even strike.

    • Ti bob

      Argentina will knock the Germans out for good

  • Raj Ks

    Germany had good run they never struggled no one is selfish in their team many goal scorers in their team which is the best part its for schumacher thy should win


    As a fan of Argentina I would really appreciate the opportunity to add another star on my jersey, but I don’t think it will be possible with so many weapons in the Germans’ side. I am going with 2-0 Germany. I have been watching and follow this Argentina team for years now; unfortunately, without Di Maria I cannot see Messi winning that game by himself.

  • Moks

    messi will score 10 goals this game im sure

  • De’ Kawann

    No doubt argentina will lift the trophy for the third time as currently they have the best records in defence conciding only 3goals inthe tournament and the legend to be created as pele, maradona and messi

  • kiwi93

    I want Germany to win. They’ve always been my favorite team.

  • Marcabola

    nice prediction cant wait to watch worldcup final between them, thx by agen bola indonesia

  • Ranjith Kumar


  • biplop

    Germany is strongest till now in this world cup and is the highest scorer but Argentina is only defending a lot. So Germany is winning this world cup with 3-1 win over Argentina. First goal by Close , Second goal by Muller till the first half. Then in the second half first goal is by schrulle and the fourth cosolation goal is by Messi.

  • ayaz


  • Yusuf

    Argentina is the best team



  • sabusen

    Never Break Germany 2014
    2-0 Germany win

  • Rex

    You’re next,Argentina! Germany will lift the World Cup throphy 🙂

  • Ahmed-Karachi

    Fully agreedwith you, My intitution syas, “No doubt ARGENTINA will win as the MESSI is lucky enough to win”.

  • AnMc

    Argentina has messi but Germany has a team!
    No doubt Germany will take the cup home with a 3:0 ads whooping

  • Usam Ahamed


  • Hussain

    germany 1
    argentina 0
    mario goetze scores in 113 min

  • Dietrich

    Enough said. Germany won the World Cup. Now the German team have set their eyes on winning Euro 2016. Euro 2016 is something to look forward too…

  • Messi

    I think Germany will win vs. Argentina. 1-0, Gotze will score goal in the 113th minute. Messi will win Golden Ball and Neuer Golden Glove. Thank You!

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