45 Olympics Medalist Positive on Re-Dope test

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, July 23rd, 2016 | 0

Coming out one after another sensational information about the dope tests. The upcoming Olympics, the International Olympic Committee banned 68 Russian athletes on Thursday due to positive dope test. 45 athletes of The Beijing and London Olympics was found positive in re-test doping sample.

More sensational said the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Proof positive of 45 people, including 23 was 2008 Olympic medalist. IOC said that at the Friday.

IOC President Thomas Bach said, the organization committed to fight against Dope. Bach warned that he will not tolled at all to spear dope.

According to the IOC, 368 samples were taken from the stars who took part in the Beijing Olympics 2008. Of them, 30 were found positive. The 30 representatives of eight countries took part in four different categories.

Meanwhile, 138 people samples were taken from the London Olympics participates; Where 15 people were confirmed positive. The 15 representatives from nine countries and took part in two different categories.

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