PES 2015’s 10 Highest Rated Players

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PEs 2015 highest rated players

Konami had announced the 2014 Pro Evolution Soccer game quite sometime ago and the release date is set for 26th september 2014 which is just less than 2 months away. Konami has promised to take the series to next level with the use of fox engine and incredible capabilities of next gen consoles. We have already discussed about the possible new ideas and features we would like to see in PES 2015 today we are going to predict 10 of the highest rated players in 2015th edition.

PES uses quite incredible rating system of the players and that is mostly done with huge input from the PES community. The overall rating does not show the bigger picture in PES because there are many other sub ratings which a player can have which makes every players ability in the game different from others. So lets talk about possible 10 of the highest rated stars.

13. Neymar – 86

Neymar did not had the best of seasons with Barcelona last year but he came alive in world cup leading his team to semifinals and his injury had a big impact on Brazil losing both Semifinals and 3rd place match. His dribbling skills are sure to improve plus his goal scoring ability.

12. Arturo Vidal – 89

Juventus start had a great world cup and he is one of the most improved players in last couple of seasons. Manchester United are rumoured to be interested in signing him. He can be very efficient in defensive midfield role. His stats are sure to go over the top in PES 2015.

11. Gareth Bale – 90

Great first season with Real Madrid, scored the winnings goals in Copa Del Rey final and UEFA Champions League. Bale’s overall rating should reach atleast 90 plus his speed, pace and power abilities are also going to get some increase.

10. James Rodriguez – 90

Scored 6 goals in world cup and for many he was the best player in 2014 world cup, secured his high profile move to Real Madrid and his stats are surely going to get a boost specialy in finishing, shooting and overall attack.

9. Thomas Múller – 90

A real goal scoring mechine, 10 goals in 2 FIFA World cups and has this ability to score important goals for both club and country.

8. Sergio Ramos – 90

Probably was the best defender in european football season in 2013-14, scored that all important goal for Real Madrid which brought them level against Atletico Madrid. Ramos defence has improved alot and he is sure to get a few boosts in his PES 2015 ratings

7. Robin Van Persie – 88

Was injured in most part of last premier league campaign with Manchester United but he did had some impact in world cup and his goal scoring ability in the game is sure to be the best among top centre forwards.

6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 91

Ibrahimovic has always been a beast in PES game as long as I remember. His ball control and ability to shrug off players is second to none in the game which makes him a totaly different player in the game compared to anyone else.

5. Manuel Neuer – 91

The best goal keeper in the world at the moment, guided Germany to 2014 world cup and completed a treble with Bayern Munich a season ago. Neuer ratings should also get increase.

4. Luis Suarez – 92

Premier League’s best player last season and that too by a mile, Suarez also had huge impact in world cup in the only two games he played scoring two goals against England and helping his team to beat Italy to reach quarter finals.

3. Arjen Robben – 92

One of the best performers in world football, had a staller season for Bayern Munich and even better world cup with Holland. At times Robben looked unstoppable playing in Netherlands shirt. His pace, speed and ability to dribble with the ball should be highest in the game.

2. Lionel Messi – 93

A very average season for Barcelona compared to the standards he has set in the last 5 years, but in world cup 2014 he was just inchest away leading his team to world cup glory.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 95

Terrible world cup won’t take away the fact that he was the sole reason Real Madrid won Copa Del Rey and their 10th European crown in 2013-14 season. His goal scoring ability from freekicks, headers, long range shots and being at the right place at right time should make him the deadly forward in the game.

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