PES 2014 New Fox Engine Details and Gameplay Features

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PES 14 Fox Engine News and Updates

Pro Evolution Soccer is a football video game which has a long history and it has this unique flavor of real time football experience which over the last few years has been going down hill as well as the over all standard of the game. A Few years back it was by far the best football game available in the market if you look for the gameplay features and as compared to FIFA people would prefer it but alot have changed since than EA Sports FIFA has improved dramatically in the past 3 years while PES standard is still the same if not bad.

But this year Konami has promised that they will put the previous years bad experience behind them, and they have already revealed the new game engine for the PES 2014 which is called Fox Engine.  So here wew ill be discussing what Konami have promised this year. This will be the last chance for this franchise to get their head up and compete with flying horse that is FIFA.

PES 2014 Graphics – NEW

PES 2014 will be coming with the new Fox Engine which means that the ingame 3d objects and graphics will get an total overhaul.

Players face graphics will be greatly enhanced with the new engine and with the use of only 2000 polygons, players faces will look just like their real life counter parts and that is somthing Konami really needed after last couple of games.

Kits will be separated from the players models, which will give the game a totally new look and that will also give the idea of shirt pulling in the gameplay feature some authenticity.

PES 2014 Fox Engine Updates

PES 2014 Engine – NEW

Pro Evolution Soccer will have the new engine called Fox Engine and that will be used to make the gameplay of the game better and real life alike and the idea behind the new engine is to give PES better game graphics and in gameplay new physics and animation engines. Following are some of the features you will see in the game.

Here are some of the features which Konami Have promised, read through them

  1. Revamped physics and controls designed
  2. New Ball Control and Weight Shift movement
  3. Kits are seperated from the Players Models
  4. Master League Transfer revamp
  5. Compete control of Editing options
  6. unlimited slots for graphics edit emblems or kit logos as well as for Edit mode stadium slots
  7. Giant Killing possibilities
  8. Crowds reaction effecting teams play
  9. Brazilian League Teams
  10. More skilled move animation
  11. AFC Champions League coming to PES 2014
  12. More licened teams and competitions
  13. Official Champions League and Europa League


Konami has already announced the new AFC Champions League affiliation which means this competition will be in the game. While other competition and Leagues are as follow:

Official Competitions:

  1. UEFA Champions League
  2. UEFA Europa League
  3. Copa Libertadores
  4. AFC Champions League
  5. FIFA Club World Cup (Probably)

Official Leagues

  1. Spanish La Liga
  2. French Ligue 1
  3. Dutch Eredisivie
  4. Argentinian Primera División (Probably)
  5. Spanish Liga Adelante (Div 2)

Official PES 2014 Trailor – Teaser Video

What you think of the new developments in the PES 2014 so far, what you think of the new features and what you would like to see in the game, let us know with your comments below

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  • nishan rai

    I think nepali team is also in pes 14…………
    If not please try to put them in pes 14…..
    It will be great if there is nepali team also….
    thank u………
    chamling rai

    • Sanchez

      nishan rai do you have pes 13 i am pes 13 professional patcher so if you need nepal contact me:

  • Ruud

    PES 2014 gameplay is too slow for a video game, if konami can find the balance between fast fluid gameplay without compromising the real and typical pes gameplay features it will be awesome…pes has wider and full length pitch, we can actually feel the wight of the pass and shoot unlike in FIFA where it looks like you kicking a balloon. PES 2014 cant wait 🙂

    • jimmy247jimy

      So true 🙂

      • mechraoui

        download pes 2014 pc

    • Tyler392

      If they make it faster it will become arcady like FIFA. The tempo in PES is realistic and thats the reason why I choose PES over FIFA. Making a game realistic causes it to be less fun but I like realism in sports games and thats exactly why I choose PES over FIFA. So no, please don’t speed it up.

  • Dave Nixon

    Pes need to bring in individual players attributes, pirlo should play like pirlo and so on. i remember Pes 2007 or 2006 where you play with Ronaldinho and it felt like a real ronaldinho if you know what i mean

  • yazan

    would you please add arab national teams and especially syrian national team with real names in pes14?

  • dummydam

    all champions League teams will have official kits and player names right ? Manchester United, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Arsenal must be real teams..

    • adam adam

      If you read any other articles on the topic, you’d know that EA have deals with the EPL teams, and teams from Germany besides Bayern and 1 other team (not Dortmund-they have an EA deal too).

      • Schmauzik

        But if you can play Barcelona and Real in Fifa when PES have licence of La Liga, why not EPL teams in PES even they have deal with Fifa?

  • PEsrules

    Pes can be better than fifa if they can make the online gameplay more fluid and error free. please work on online features.

  • Jordan

    so now they have AFC Champions League, UEFA Champions League and south american copa leportedoray or somthing like that… and will they add FIFA Club World Cup as well ?

  • luit

    Please have more national teams, or al if possible. at the same time it would be good to have more tournaments for national teams

  • michael Augustine

    if all the afore mentioned improvements can be implemented flawlessly it will be awesome, but i think they should also keep in mind the relationship between the graphics and the size of the game,some times it is difficult to play this games in some systems of little resolutions, all the same i think pes is still the best but i just hope those improvements will be well implemented, and also players abilities should be very evident.looking forward to having a feel of the game.

  • boss

    Spain 2nd division! Awesome! Also, adding AFC Champions League is a big +. Nice job KONAMI! Please have more editing kit slots. 4 is NOT enough.

  • The N

    Will Serie A be in the game?

  • Juan dase

    Have to add goal celebration manuel, just like fifa has. This give freedom for out own celebration.

  • Samuel

    Pes is a fantastic game…..but they should add more quality feautures in it

  • shaun

    Over the years Pes has always been a really good game and it could get even better with these improvements but if you could add in a few more national teams and a scoting network for manager mode then this will be a top seller for sure

  • Jonathan G

    I say PES Series needs to add more South American Teams this will boost both sales and gameplay aswell because imagine the Argentina , Colombia , Uruguay and Ecuador Leagues in this or at least some important teams Deportivo Cali , Bsc Sporting , Peñarol etc it would be awesome because fifa only adds weak teams like saudi pro league which no one uses lmfao

  • saifuddin

    dear pes
    it would be your kindness if you add Afghan Premier League in Pes 2014 with full detils and real names kites and staduim.thanks again
    Saifuddin Ghanizada

  • emmanuel

    pls do somethig about the commentary ,make it more better than fifas .own

  • emmanuel

    please add more anthems.especially, teams from africa

  • David

    What about bundesliga ?

  • Francis

    during master league, there should be an option to choose an international team and play it during the worldcup qualifications and actual world cup. should be integrated with the master league.

    we should also be able to change teams during master league (for example, if you’ve won the champions league or something other teams might want to scout you as their manager!)

  • Emrah Maleski

    put youth team in PES 2014

  • roberts

    Pls add more skills and let the crowd respond to some fantastic dribbling and gameplay

  • beno

    what about the bpl its only man u which is licensed!

  • 1234566541231234566541230


  • ayaz

    This game is so nice
    And I think better than fifa
    But its need to add more national teams
    Spicially african and asian teams.

    Ayaz el kurdo

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