Need For Speed The Most Successful Racing Games Franchise

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We take a look at 20 years of Need For Speed gaming franchise history, some memorable editions and some dragging & drifting, burning, customizing, police chases and great storylines is what made Need for speed the most successful racing game series.

Need for speed game franchise history

More than 150 million copies sold makes “Need For Speed” racing game franchise probably the most successfull racing game in the history. Need for speed defined the arcade racing game with lush new simulating sports cars with more of a fun experience and touch of a unreal racing. This august Need For Speed game franchise will celebrate its 20 years so being a fan of the series specially the games released in early 2000’s.

I thought to recap all the fun we had playing in different tracks around the world, bullying police in imaginary cities of the world, setting and beating our own and friends lap records, unlocking new cars and customizing, Becoming most wanted, getting the girls, being the good guys and the bad, devastating crash replays, drift, burn and playing for ours just for the sake of next cut scene.

The History of Need for Speed Gaming Franchise:

The first title of the series was launched back in 1994 on 31st August. Even the first title had the police and bad guy concept. Police could chase you down, stop and arrest you. The game was highly detailed in that time of the history with nicely designed models of 8 cars and 7 tracks.

Pretty much similar to the first game Need for Speed II was launched in 1997 on playstation 1 and Computers but the real breakthrough came with the release of Need for Speed “Hot Pursuit” which was an amazing game, the game was full of features and probably one of the highest seller racing game at the time. “Highest Stakes” and “Porche Unleashed” were released in 1999 and 2000 respectively and they kind of failed to build on the success of hot persuit but still good enough.

Porche Unleashed revolved around porche car models and features some amazing tracks in european cities, it also had all the modesl from the porchse company to date. It was followed by Hot Persuit 2 which was released in 2002 and it was better looking sequal to the 1998 version. Than came another breakthrough in the series as Need for Speed underground was released in 2003 and it changed the face of franchise.

Need for Speed Most Wanted (The best game in the series)

The game went from track racing to modern city streets, based on Fast and Furious movie, more cars were introduce and you could actually customize and fine tune the performance of the cars.

Story and cut scenes improved and you had alot of gain while playing underground. There were number of new features like drag and drift racing introduced in the game as well as a story line based on fast and furious movie. Underground 2 was released in 2004 which kept the story from the previous installment and new larger city and a few more models of the cars were introduced.

Another notable game in the series, my personal favorite was Most Wanted, released in 2005 it made a big impression and became one of the highest seller racing game. It introduced features like heat level which represented how much wanted your and your car in in the city but with huge customize options you could change the look of the car to reduce or get rid of the heat lever. The game contained a well driver story and featured highly detailed cut scene like videos. pretty cool stuff.

After this it was all more a less same games year and year out, sometime EA would go back to track scene with release of ProStreet and sometime back to street racing with highly improved graphics and all. To be honest i haven’t played many after the most wanted version so don’t have much experience.

The point of this article was that Need for speed was big part of my childhood and teenage years, spent hours and hours customizing and trying to finish the story. My favorite game of the series was Hot Persuit 1 and Most Wanted. The last game I finished in the series was NFS Most Wanted released in 2012, it had better graphics than the 2005 version a few more featurs but more a less same game.

I am sure everyone of you have atleast played one game in the series, What you think of the game ? and which is your favorite game in the series. do let me know in the comments blow. here is a short video showing the history of NFS game from 1994 to 2014.

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