10 Most Successful Sports “Video Games” Franchises

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Video game industry has been on the rise since the turn of the this century and some of the highest selling games are infect sports games based on real sports played around the world. So today we take a look at top 10 highest selling video games franchises ever (strictly sports games).

FIFA 14 Bale Messi on Cover UKEA SPORTS “FIFA Games”

Fifa 12 – Fastest Selling Sports game Ever

The history goes along way back to the early 90’s when “FIFA international Soccer” was released back in 1993 and this series became the first ever video game to have exclusive licence from “FIFA”. Since than the series has grown into billion dollar business and every year atleast 1 title in the series is released under the banner of EA Sports.

In 2012 FIFA became the highest selling video game of the year when FIFA 11 hit the market while couple of years later when FIFA 13 was released, it sold more than 1.23 million copies on the first few days in United Kingdom. The series has been on the rise and recently released an exclusive world cup title ” FIFA World Cup 2014 Video Game.”

EA Sports “Madden NFL Games”

The first game in the series was released back in 1988 as “John Madden Football” and since than the series has grown from strength to strength and have sold more than 150 million copies as of 2012.

When last year Madden 25 was released it was the celebration of 25 years of the game series. The title “Madden 2005” became one of the highest selling sports video game in the history.

EA SPorts “NHL Games”

NHL Hockey game was first released in 1991 and the second title came out a couple of years later and both were for the platform “SMD console”. Since than NHL Hockey series became part of EA Sports family and they have been released atleast 1 title each and every year since 1994.

EA Sports NHL games series dont have much of competition and that is probably one of the highest selling sports video games of all times behind the likes of FIFA Soccer and NFL Madden.

TakeTwo’s “NBA 2K Games”

Sega game company released the first installment of “NBA 2K” back in 1999 on Sega Dreamcast and it was quite a success. Since than every year a new edition is beind lanuched and NBA 2k series has always kept EA Sports NBA game series in its shadows.

In 2005 TakeTwo interactive company took over the series and they took it next level, the release of NBA 2k6 back in 2005 was one of the greatest games in the series.

Konami’s “Pro Evolution Soccer”

pro Evolution soccer game is developed by Konami and the first title was released with the name of “Pro Evolution Soccer: back in 2001. Before that World Soccer Winning Xi game titles were already in the market for the same company. Though Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) became a real hit in the early years of this 21st century.

Konami’s PES games were famous for being closer to reality unlike FIFA’s arcade gameplay. The 2001,02,03,04,05 editions were rated higher than FIFA and the gameplay was much more innovative and real. But they lacked the official licenced competitions and Teams and eventualy EA Sports caught up with the series and now PES lives in the shadow of FIFA. Their latest released was PES 2014 which used the fox engine technology from the metal gear solid. PES 2015 has been confirmed and will be released both on current and next gen consoles.

WWE 2k game seriesTakeTwo’s “WWE 2k Games”

The first title in the series was released back in 2000 with the name of “WWE Smack Down” by company THQ and this was probably the best wrestling game available on the market. Unlike other big sports game franchises THQ released new titles with the space of two years.

The real breakthrough inthe series came when WWE SmackDown vs Raw was released back in 2007 and it was a instant hit which came with new control system. In 2013 THQ company went offline and Take Two interactive won the WWE licence who will be released WWE 2k15 in october 2014.

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