PES 2015 – Tweaks Needed For Better Gameplay Experience

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, July 28th, 2014 | 1

PES 2015 wishlist

Pro Evolution Soccer has been in the shadows of FIFA for best part of last 5-6 years atleast, Konami just can’t seem to get it right since they moved from PS2 to pS3 version. Every year we are getting a game which is incredibly buggy, lack of new innovative features and most importantly a very dull gameplay. Remember the days of PES and Winning Eleven at PS2? now that was a one balanced paced gameplay and you could score all sort of goals. Here are a few things which can help Konami to bring back the charm and put PES back in the glory days.

Balanced Gameplay Speed:

While playing the PES 2014 the first thing you notice is the speed at the which the game is played, its incredibly slow and hard to create a free flowing move. Players always seem to take a millisecond little to long on the ball (recieving the pass and making that first move with the ball or shooting)

I understand Konami are trying to make a realistc football sim so they are focusing more on gameplay (and that is only feature where they can out jump EA). In PES 2015 Konami should make the gameplay a notch faster and more responsive than the previous couple of titles. I am not talking about going over the top with the gameplay speed but just a bit faster and more responsive and players should have control the speed of the game not game doing the other way around.

Close Control & Dribbling:

Konami should design a system where we have better close control and ability to dribble pass players using tricks and skills specialy with highly rated stars. For example when opponent is pressing you harder and throwing tackls all around in those moments we should have better ability to dribble and control the likes of Robbens, Ribery’s, Messi etc to ride those tackles with skill moves and simple tricks which should be easier to perform (but not FIFA street stuff please)

Plus if a player like Eden Hazard or Nani perform a skill and beat players it should increase his in match form and confidence (again it should be done in realistic way)

Anti-Counter Attacking but Rewarding Gamplay:

While playing online in PES 2014, you will notice huge percentage of goals are being scored on the counter attacks. What I would like to see in PES 2015 is rewarding gameplay. If a team is having most of the ball for longer period of time and they are passing well it should get harder and harder for the defending team to defend. (defending should not become impossible but a little “harder”)

And for god sake cut the counter attacking goal crap, In real football these counter attacking goals are not as common as in FIFA and PES. To do counters you need have a strategy which should take time to master.

Long Balls, Target Man and That last minute scrambles:

One thing I really dont like about PES series is CPU’s same gameplay over and over again. Konami should design a system where cpu will play according to situation and according to the team.

Lets say Chelsea has Didier Drogba and while playing with them I should be able to exploit Drogba’s arial presence against Arsenal or Barcelona who have smaller players. I am not just talking about the dead ball situations, I am talking about long balls which he can chase after, ability to lay off and drogba knock down a longball in the patch of rushing midfielder he shoot, he scores….GOAL ! thats what I am talking about.

Stoke City losing 1-0 at home to Liverpool its injury time and they are playing the route one football, longballs from midfield, early cross from the wings and throwing everything to get that equaliser. What I am saying is the urgency should be visible and that can make matches more exciting.

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